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    Speakn unglish?

    This dialogue is too funny. At least AVTemps English is better than the instructions in the driver install message dialogue to restart the pc later or your computer will blow up! I mean these drivers make Aliens Colonial Marines a masterpiece in comparison! Laughing my arse off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TempAV View Post
    Hi Asus!
    I want to thank you for ban (or even delete?) AVtemp profile!
    Also i want to thank you for placing his IP at your forum Black List.
    Many people (almost a whole city) share the same static IP, don`t know why my provider did so, but this is reality.
    Now they can`t register on ROG forum anymore! Everyone got "blah-blah... spammer are not allowed" message.
    I`m just a regular Asus user, I`m not a spammer.

    Thank you very much for that.

    And all that without any warnings, because of one post?
    What about that situation?

    You may ban one user, but to ban a whole city?
    I`ve sent a message to ROG admin, but got no respond.

    The reason why i registered on ROG forum is because i have problems with Phoebus, as other people do.
    Asus officially sells Phoebus in my country.
    But there is no any ASUS Ukraine forum. And there is no help from local support.

    None of my problems was solved with latest 2013 driver.
    And all that "firmware update is a bug" got me angry even more.
    I was frustrated, and that is the reason of what I`ve posted above.

    To Glasofruix:
    I know my English is bad,but your Russian sucks too,you made 3 mistakes in that sentence.

    This is your forum, you may do what you want, but please, don't violate Freedom of speech.
    I trusted ASUS when i bought Phoebus.I sent reports to Xonar with bugs to make it better.
    And you just banned me.
    You had a three day ban with no IP restrictions. Any more insult hurling or fabrication of what really happened will get you out of here permanently. Consider this a warning. No abuse or child like remarks levelled at staff or members will be tolerated.

    Your av temp account became active again after 72 hours elapsed. Don't try and join when under restriction. Thank you.

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