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    Hi Drakonniz,

    No problem, we are here to help. Sorry that you are having the issues.

    I think the issue here is with the 16GB of memory. First off you can set a 2T Command Rate in BIOS for the memory modules - this will aid stability for now. To get 16GB fully stable at DDR3-1600 may require some tinkering with the drive strength settings in BIOS (this can be laborious). It will mean going through each of those settings in turn (for both channels) and then running stress tests to monitor the impact on system stability.

    As a quick debug, if possible, it might be worth taking two of the memory modules out of the board, setting DDR3-1600 as you have been in BIOS, use a 2T Command Rate and see if the system still fails in games etc. Before that, you can also try HCI Memtest and Prime95 to see if the system is stable.

    AMD's memory controllers require manual tuning with certain DIMMs, and cannot always achieve the same memory frequency as Intel's processors so there is some truth to paying attention to what platform the memory was binned on.

    Also, can you tell me what BIOS version you are running please?


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