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    Is it possible? Replacing GPU in Asus All In One PC

    I have a Asus All-In-One Pc ET2700INTS (see and have come to realise that the NVIDIA GT 540M (I'm not even too sure why it was made with a laptop GPU) is not really all that capable of the gaming I've been doing as of late. Coupled with a dual monitor setup I've had the worst fps across most games and was looking to replace it with a more beefier and stronger GPU to allow me to facilitate higher grade graphics.
    But; due to it being an All-In-One Pc I'm not to sure whether it's actually capable with the space and was wondering if anyone has any advice about replacing my GPU and whether it's actually possible.

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    I've never seen the insides of an Asus AIO, but I have taken apart more iMacs than I care to think about, so assuming the design implementations are largely the same, the best case scenario you'd be looking at here is the AIO using a MXM form factor card. So it's not like you could just pop round to the nearest electronics store, buy a random GPU off the shelf, and stuff it in the unit. Worst case scenario is it's soldered to the motherboard, and you're basically stuck.

    So let's say that the answer is that while it may be technically possible, for all practical purposes, it's impossible.

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    You can't upgrade those AIO types because they have no expansion slots for a graphics card.

    Those kinds of computers are only meant for people who don't game at all, or do very little gaming. It will play games like Warcraft III just fine but nothing like Battlefield 3 well or anything like that.

    If you wanted a computer to do gaming for future use, as in you, maybe wanting to play something a little more graphic intensive you should have thought about getting a computer with room for upgrades such as a computer tower.

    Course towers take up space and compared to an AIO solution, probably not an option you wanted to begin with.

    Can't help you out any more than that

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