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    Clear thread about how to fix G73h trouble?


    I bought a G73H last febuary. Before this laptop I used to buy cheap one only to hold some chart about currency trading.

    Since I have it, I realy only feel like destroying it!
    This is the more expensive cpu I ever bought... and this is purely a piece of crap.

    Instead of digging the hole ($) that this cpu did in my life, I'm trying to solve the stupid trouble - Lockups randomly.
    I never had that kind of trouble whit a cheap laptop - what a joke.

    I would like to create a clear Thread about all the trouble and all the solution for this laptop. I could edit this first post in consequence if needed, or , I would be please if someone could direct me to a thread of this kind.

    Majority of this forums is good info, but random like this sound no use for me. Witch driver in witch situation?!? Chastity tread is excellent, but honnestly do I need to install all those, I doubt.


    My cpu freeze randomly... I did the GOSD update looking to update the bios to 213...
    Did a bunch of driver updates and I really, really, really feel tired about this sh*t.

    I also feel the keyboard is getting hot... Any way of making the fan go faster?!?
    This thing is "suppose" to run 24h/24h for my trading prupose.

    Anoyone would buy me it back at 1800$ CAD?!?... What a joke!
    Plz help!

    NOTA BENE: I never play games, only hold charts and makes execution on laptop.
    It's not like of Im overcloking the thing.... geezzzzz....

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    What I did until now:

    Clear Win 7 install
    Uninstall all ASUS crap not usfull to cpu - kept ATK package
    GOSD fix

    Driver: High Definition Audio Codecs R2.52 updates

    DirectX Updates "An update is available for Windows 7 and for Windows Server 2008 R2 which provides new functionality and performance improvements for the graphics platform"

    Latest DirectX Redist Package (June 2010)

    Core Drivers:
    Intel Chipset INF for Series 5 v9.2.0.1025 (this version was compiled as a self-installer that does a full install. Just use default settings and let her run.)
    Intel RST SATA Drivers

    Looking to make the 213 bios updates.....

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    I found that thread but no solution solved my trouble, witch is: freezeing after non use, some like 1h or 2 max.
    I did remove all the saving energu stuff on the drive and screen also as suggested - did not work.

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    That's what I am planning to do whit this laptop if I don't find the solution:

    As the guy say: That's an epic FAIL!!!

    I just can't beleive ASUS took the decision to distrubute a product so unstable.
    Shamefull... money ain't everything. I'm soooooo piss off.

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    asus hate campaign? i don't think anybody would do that to an expensive laptop. if you just bought it, go RMA it or something.

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    I have no time for that. I all ready lost around 2k not trading because of it.
    RMA will take another 2 month and wont solve anything.

    Some people did it and nothing been solve.
    So I bet there is some solution that exist but nobody know exactly what it is, they just play around.
    By doing the same I bet I will fall on it...

    If Asus can't sell laptop that work out fo the box they should stop making some.
    So lame...

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    The laptop did crash 3 times tonigh!!! 3 times ... not 1 or 2... 3....

    Anyone did ask for a refund from Asus?
    Seeing all the trouble poeple have whit this crap, this can't be serious...


    EDIT : 4th times this night.
    This is not ROG, its ROB...ery.

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    I just called ASUS tech support and an RMA process would take so much time that its like needing to buy myself another one.
    So lame....

    If any one of you guys reading this post looknig to buy a G73... DON'T DO IT!!!
    This is my best advice!

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    It sounds like maybe you have something clogging the heat sink or vents. Have you tried blasting the vents with a can of air?
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    Hi xeromist,

    Thx for reply.
    The fan seems ok, no sounds but I will try your tips.
    Any help is appreciated.

    The trouble is lockups of computer randomly.

    I honnestly would be very happy if someone could show me in steps what do to from a to z to be sure this laptop work.
    No fancy stuff, core windows would be fine whitout any utlities.

    I don't play game on it, I use it for my currency trading activity.
    I can't send it to RMA, I would lose too much money not working...
    And I dont feel like buying a cheap one to cover the in between.

    I tough I would have a nice business computer, that's why I paid a little more this time.
    Im sad.....

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