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    Ah, I seem to have caught up to INzider's thread

    OK, I checked with R&D, and they inform me that they have been getting quite a few systems having trouble resuming with the Intel RST drivers installed.

    Since you are running your laptop 24/7, I would suggest the following:

    1) Uninstall the RST drivers and use the Microsoft AHQI drivers. (Can you also check for me the firmware revisions on your HDDs, and also how many and what sizes are they)
    2) In your power plans, disable any Sleep / Hibernate functions, plus HDD power-downs. You can do this easily from Power4Gear Hybrid. Make sure you edit both AC and Battery profiles (we are testing for stability here)
    3) Make sure you operate your unit elevated so that it can maintain a clear airflow. I like to use a notebook cooler, and leave the fans off.
    4) If you haven't already, please install Win 7 SP1. I know they updated the core sleep/hibernate functions.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to post them here. I also maintain an IRC channel on for more immediate help ( #asus-rog )

    Don't fret, we'll get you stable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by INzider View Post
    I tough I would have a nice business computer, that's why I paid a little more this time.
    I know that it's too late for this purchase but for your next one I would recommend buying a machine with a business class service plan when money is at stake. You could probably even choose more modest hardware and spend the extra money on a service contract.
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    Hi INzider, have you tried reinstalling the OS? I suggest performing the F9 system restore to reload the Operating System. If you continue to have the lockups and crashes after that then we can verify that it's a hardware problem whereas as right now we can't be sure if it's a software corruption or hardware problem. I would say do the F9 restore and without uninstalling any other drivers or software, test the system for a day or 2 to see if it still has issues. If you're still having issues you can uninstall the software that you don't need. I don't recommend uninstalling drivers unless you can confirm that certain driver sets are contributing to the issues. Let us know how that goes and we'll go from there.

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    This is very appreciated from both of you.
    If I bough this laptod this is not to end *****ing about Asus, but because I taugh it was a nice war machine.

    #1 I did remove the RTS driver but I don't know if the AHQI one are back, it say : Microsoft 2006-06-21 Version 6.1.7600.16385.
    My filmware version is : 0003SDM1 and I have 2 disk of 465G (500)
    Master is 119232 vs 3377702MB
    Slave is 238477MB x2

    #2 I did everything trough normal Windows energy panel since I have remove the Power4Gear (clean windows idea).
    Everything is always on, battery and wire option about screen and disk.

    #3 It was allready but I amiliored the space under and from the wall.
    Thx for the notebookcooler option, never heard of that before, I will buy me one.

    #4 I did the Asus driver bios update whit the program but havent done win7 updates.
    Do I need to do the basic fisrt updates like Windows7 site propose - going trough
    the win updates will obligate you to download a bunch of updates befroe you can
    install PAK1, or should I only download the PAK1 from win7 site whitout installing
    basic updates?!?

    Im planning on updating to bios 213, I have the 211 from factory (updates) should I ?

    You can see my program list

    If you need any info, let me know.
    Thx alot!


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    HI Mason,

    I did a fresh OS install last week-end since while trying to make the GOSD fix I did make a mistake and booted from my rescue disk...
    So the OS is new from last week. I dont know what is a F9 recovery but if this is needed I will do it this wek-end _ in week I work whit it.

    I don't need any utilities exept basic driver for the laptop so if you tell me how to process in order I will try this.

    Thx for helping me over that.

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    Hi INzider,

    Well the F9 recovery automatically installs all of the drivers for the laptop's hardware so you don't need to install any other drivers. There may be newer drivers for some of the devices on, however, I would recommend just testing the system to see how it runs after doing the F9 recovery and nothing else just to see if the system has any issues when running at stock settings with factory software and drivers. After you've done that testing you can update any of the drivers that you would like to from our support website. Also, you may want go directly to the manufacturer's website for some of the device drivers, e.g., downloading the 5870 drivers directly from AMD if the latest ones are not already available on our support site. I would check the support site but it's down right now. It should be back up tomorrow though.

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    The laptop havent Lockup tonight!!!
    Let's see, how long this will last!

    Any way of boosting the fan manualy?
    Since it's on 24/7 maby it would be good to make the fan go on at lower degree?
    The right side of laptop is hot while left side not even warm.
    Let me know if this make sens and if you have suggestion.

    For now, last 24h cpu haven't lock.

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    It was too good to be true.

    The laptop just LockUp and I lost all the work I done over my chart on last 24hrs.
    Im sooooooo happy........

    I wil do another clear install of win7 this week-end......


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    Hey Inzider, I know how you feel. I've had a few seemingly random system lockups, and had originally tried to troubleshoot the problem on my own. I seemed to have the worst amount of them after accidentally leaving my laptop on overnight, so I had wondered if it was some kind of thermal issue, considering it might not have been properly ventilated.

    I haven't had any lockups in a few weeks, it especially seemed to help by using a can of air to clear out the exhaust fans, but I'm still not certain if I have an ongoing issue. Time will tell. If I do encounter one again, I'll post it here and try to include any notes of conditions I had at the time. Granted I am currently going through a clean install of windows 7 on a SSD for the system, it might skew the results.

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    Hi KC0GRN,

    I see that we have the same trouble: Lockup after leaving the cpu alone for a couple of hours.

    I did put a book under the laptop yesterday to make the base elevated from desk
    and found that it havent Lockup for around 24hrs, so thermal issue could be it.
    But still, it did lockup after while or the usb plug - mouse - don't work anymore.

    I don't undertstand, because logicly if I don't use it the temp should go lower, not higher...
    I will do as you this weak-end - clear install of win7... and will start from there.
    PLz post your developpement about your issue.

    Im also looking to find a program to play whit tha Fan setting.
    Like make them go faster at lower degree to avoid any temp peak.

    If I/we/this forum don't find the solution, I ll go back at BestBuy.
    The guy said IT WILL find solution.... LOL

    Watch me play whit him if I don't get trough this!
    He wont like me, I can assure you.

    Soon, and good luck whit this...



    I found that thread about thermal issue on G73JH - he say tht after3/4 month maby the paste need to be change..
    Doh! Just after 4 month!!! Im not feeling to open that box and even let any one do it and srap my keyboard.

    Isn't a 2k laptop? My acer at 400$ still work after 5yars no maintenance.
    I really feel having being rob.

    I should have bought a cheap one again.

    Re - edit - the CPU just fully crashed whitout lock after the usb not working for 10 min and pad acting weird..

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