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    Shop won't accept RMA of 2080ti with insane coil whine


    Recently i had to RMA my first 2080ti strix advanced i bought half a year ago due to some heating issues in it.
    They sent me a replacement card which seemed to work fine at first however...

    I fire up some games and instantly i start to hear THIS noise come from it:
    Yes it's as bad as it sounds, i recorded it about 30Cm from my GPU with my phone.
    The noise wouldn't go away no matter how much i fiddled with the settings in several games. It was soundless at first during desktop browsing but after i shut down the 3rd game the noise started to persist even on the desktop. It wasn't as loud but still VERY much audible.

    I decided to RMA this one aswell but the shop says they won't send me a replacement and basically telling me "Oh well that's normal for GPUs, screw you and your gaming experience with this ear destroying screech"...

    My question is: Would asus accept this for RMA if i sent it directly to them? How could anyone enjoy any game when the GPU makes an ear bleeding noise that can be heard from the other room and even when i have my headphones on which isolate sound very well. (Logitech g933)

    I live in Finland and i bought it from a very well known and i'd say generally well trusted component/hardware sites.

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    I don't know how ASUS handles coil whine in Finland but it can't hurt to ask. Call up support and see what they say.
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    Are you using a separate cable for each 8 pin connector or you using an 8 + 8 pin cable?
    Try switching to separate cables if not already

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