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    I am interested in gaming notebooks

    I am interested in gaming notebooks
    I want to ask
    Each model has different advantages and disadvantages.
    Between models Zephyrus ( GX501) and Strix (GL503)
    Or have another good version, please recommend
    Thank you

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    Something like keyboard, monito size and audio are generally personal. To me the biggest considerations are:

    1) Storage. Get as big of an SSD as you can and a second old school mechanical or hybrid HHD.
    2) Memory. Dont cheap on it. 16GB Minimum if you can Afford
    3) Video Card. This can be a bit personal as well. Generally invest in a card that has minimum 6-8 GB or RAM.

    I did not include CPU as again you could argue AMD Vs Intel for Hours, but both are good options as long as you dont choose a cheap AMD.

    The price will really be effected with you consider things like weight, thickness, and screen size but again those are all personal choices that dont nessisarily have a right ow wrong.

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