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    What is this ROG token that fell out of my Asus DVD-ROM

    I need your insight with identifying what this ROG token might be.
    It is around 4 cm / 1.5 inches in size across, feels like made of pressed cardboard. my old iphone (still works fine, original everything) is shown for scale.
    The ROG token came from inside the Asus DVD-ROM.

    PC was built around 2017-2018. In the days, I had both X370-Pro and Crossfire VI motherboards, kept the Pro.
    After several trips across the Atlantic with the PC in luggage, the DVD stopped working, so I wanted to replace it, but during a recent GPU (and case fans) update, DVD was pulled out and something rattled inside. With the tray open, this token could be shaken out.

    The DVD-ROM was bought new from Microcenter around the same time PC was built. There is no slit big enough on the DVDROM case for the token to have slipped into it, and it wasn't anywhere in the PC case. DVDrom case still has the factory warranty tape sealing it.

    Is this ROG token a promotion of some sort?
    Why would it be inside the ASUS dvdrom?
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