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    BIOS - Released or Beta?

    OK, I asked this question before but I'm still puzzled.

    Asus is still showing 1303 as the latest "released" BIOS, but I see frequent mention here of 1409 (and later) releases. Are these betas?

    I'm interested since 1303 is only marginally working for me. Frequently, when I restart from Windows (not a "cold" power up), the machine hangs on the BIOS screen. I do have an Intel SSD with "hot plug" enabled. Also, no matter where I plug in my USB keyboard, I have trouble getting into the BIOS with the delete key. I usually have to use an old PS2 keyboard.

    Should I be using 1409? Raja?

    My system:
    Maximus IV Extreme B3
    Corsair H70
    i7-2600K not presently overclocked
    Corsair Vengeance 16GB @1333 Mhz
    Intel X25M SSD 160GB boot drive in an Intel SATA II port
    Corsair Gold 1200 PS

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