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    I left ASUS, please contact cl-scott Array
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    Quote Originally Posted by magma7247 View Post
    thanks Chastity for your reply, but let's think logic here, I always updating same laptop bios in the same way, file on C: NTFS drive. then EZ Flash from BIOS.

    BUT, if updating the Bios from file saved on NTFS will harm, why the EZ Flash tool allow me to see the file on the drive and also allow me to pick up the file and flash it without any warning ! ?
    I did what I did many time on the same laptop and in the same way, but let me remind everyone, most of G73JH owners face the Keyboard Light Failure After BIOS Flash 209 , everyone did the flashing in many different way, but all faced this problem, is it our fault as users ?, or the brilliant manufacture which releasing cheep programmed files to the public without testing it deeply by pro people.
    I called many time Technical Support and RMA 812-282-2787 and 888-678-3688, no one answering.
    since my last post I'm searching the net for powerful non Asus laptop, I'm seeking Screen 17and up, cpu I7, VCard 1.5gb and up, and two HDD bay and RAM up to 16gb.

    I need it for 3D designing and after effect, if you know any, please drop me a line
    I’m very sorry to say I’m writing from my second ASUS laptop U36JC, I thought it’s powerful, But god forbid that I will think to update the Bios. from now on I will use it as NETbook just for browsing

    BTW, the G73JH I have, I will not sell it for parts, after the pain I've been through I'll use G73JH to make a very bad AD on YouTube and other site, just to slap Asus
    Sorry you weren't able to get a hold of our tech support agents. If you PM me with your serial number, I will set up an RMA for you to get the issue resolved ASAP.

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    Hi Chastity, I have a g73 jh and bios 205. Could you tell me the advantages of upgrading to213?? I have 213 pm a usb stick formated fat32 but very cautious about pulling the trigger after reading this thread

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    Updated BIOS supports the latest ATK versions for proper keyboard control, plus has all the fixes introduced in 209. Also the fans will ramp up faster to keep the system cooler.
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    Wow. This happened to me too. I updated via USB stick to 213 using EasyFlash in bios, but after the G73JH erased, reflashed, verified, and rebooted on its own, the screen is now stuck on black. I called support and they said they are going to charge me for an RMA to fix the bios.

    Now that is just plain stupid and poor support for Asus.

    I used Asus tools to updated Asus firmware from the Asus website. It even verified the data and rebooted itself. I agree with OP, if Asus tools break their own bios procedure why provide it on the website? Or what is the point of the "verify" portion of bios flashing if it is prone to fail..

    This is terrible design and most horrible support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tshong View Post

    This is terrible design and most horrible support.
    I haflway agree.

    Did you format the flashdrive to fat32 format, first?
    Read the User's Manual for more info.

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    This is terrible design and most horrible support.
    I haflway agree.

    Did you format the flashdrive to fat32 format, first?
    I'll answer your question with a question:

    1. Go to Asus Official website for the BIOS:
    2. Do you see ANYwhere it says if your loading from USB, it must be FAT32?

    When I buy a laptop, I shouldn't have to come to a forum first. If I use Asus' EasyFlash program with Asus BIOS from their own website, is it my fault that the EEPROM is corrupt?

    I'm downright disappointed that I should be financially CHARGED at any level for this Asus issue.

    I'm going to visit an ASP Center today. It's dumb stupid I have to pay for shipping, then serviced charged, then wait a week for my laptop to come back. I might as well just pay for it at an ASP Center.

    My next laptop will not be an Asus and I will not promote this brand anymore.

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    you are absolutely right! i flashed with winflash because that's what's in the support site!
    i got lucky TWICE because i didn't brick my g74 . went to v202 and then v203..

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    Wow.. As Chastity suggested, I'm physically at an Asus ASP in LA. They are refusing to rework my laptop since it is out of warranty.

    This is the worst support ever. Stupid Asus putting a Bios on your website breaking my $1200+ laptop????????

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    Is your G73 still under warranty, tshong?

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    No it's no longer under warranty. It was broken because the USB was not in FAT32 partition.

    You see I did not use 3rd party software nor did I pour coffee on my own laptop. I don't see this being fair at all. I dont see why a customer would be held liable for Asus own procedure to upgrade the Bios.

    From beginning to end, I downloaded from Asus official website to use Asus official EasyFlash and it bricked my G73 because the USB was not FAT32 (again no where is it mentioned when I downloaded the Bios)

    Asus broke my laptop by providing a Bios for customers to update. Now they are going to charge me for RMA? Then the Asus ASP say they will charge me too if it is out of warranty!?

    I hate you Asus. -___-

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