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    Quote Originally Posted by timppu View Post
    I think this is mainly because the Windows 8 "shutdown" is apparently not a proper shutdown, but closer to hibernate mode, ie. it saves at least partly your state, and loads that when you power up your PC again.

    I'm still investigating it, but to me it seems this "semi-shutdown" is the reason why some G75 users like me can't get to BIOS setup (F2) when we power up after the shutdown (restart from Win8 may work though), and also it may be the reason Win8 seems to sometimes cause data corruption to the Win7 partition, if you are running Win7 and Win8 side by side.

    This "fast boot" feature can be disabled from the power (power button) options in Win8 control panel, and at least for me it fixes the inability to get to BIOS setup on power on, and hopefully it also fixes the Win7 partition data corruption too (still investigating). But if you disable it, the boot times seem to become quite slow again. I'm fine with that though.
    Here's something related that I found Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8 I think you're right about the fast boot thing.

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