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    Exclamation G73JH-A1 Ticking, clicking noise comming from left fan.

    Hello everyone,

    My G73 started to make a noise on the left, looks like a ticking, clicking noise if you know what I mean. Maybe the fan has moved ? Someone on the internet disassembled his computer and oiled the fan, but I dont want to void the warranty, and also, I dont want to send it to the customer service and wait for 3 month to get it back -_-'

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    You might have some luck cleaning it with a can of air. If you've got dust bunnies in there it could cause problems with the fan. Unfortunately even if that does fix it the fan may already have permanent damage.
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    Ok, thanks. I will see what I do. The fan is maybe not so damaged, the CPU is very cold for a laptop. It's very well cooled. I've never seen a laptop cooled like this, even on the GPU.

    When I use a headset or turn the sound up it's not annoying.

    EDIT : Repaired by Asus !

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