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    I have tried 13.2 b and 13.2 beta 3 and Borderlands 2 is now broken. Vsync on or off is broken. Mega Stutter

    BF3 has good performance but it stutter a little with Vsync on while its much smoother with vsync off. But I get tearing with vsync off.

    I might try RadeonPro and mess with it for the first time.

    Looks like all games run much smoother.

    I have another thing to mention. My first card doesn't idle on the memory anymore (500/1425) while the others are at 300/150. I don't know what can cause this. If you have any clue, let me know. (I'm not sure between: driver change, BIOS change, or MSI afterburner installed and then uninstalled...)

    Last Thing : My first card always has less load on it

    1St: 92%
    2nd: 98%
    3rd: 99%
    4th: 99%
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