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    R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 Troubles.....

    Same as many other people we got a lot of troubles with this R9 280 card, I sent this card to RMA on my country (Mexico) so far I can say is the worst slow and unprofessional support service we ever meet (and I say we cause we aren't final users).

    What troubles? The same that almost everyone have with this card. Artifacts (the firmware released by ASUS fix nothing)

    We sent this card to ASUS service center but... After almost 6 months I end yelling to the call center literally "send me back my %%&$%% video card! even if you did nothing at all on all this time, I just want it back" I have to wait almost 30 days more and finally ASUS send the videocard (ofc they didnt fix the trouble or replace the card, they just broken and damage the package, seems is really hard for them to open a box in the right way)

    On the time the card was in the service center I talked with a guy named "Victor Suarez" ( after 150 attempts trying to reach him) who give hes word he will call back with a solution something that never happens, its supposed this guy is the ASUS call center manager, he promises to call back and that never happens, he don't even sent us a single mail, the people who answer in the call center almost all of them have no technical acknowledge, they answer lies hopping that whos calling doesn't have technical acknowledge.

    So at the end as you all can imagine at this point I refund my customer for that video card months ago, with my 45679 apologizes because the huge delay without a solution, ASUS service center at least on this country runs by 3rd party enterprise (we have no idea who is the retard who is running asus service center).

    After all of this happens we are really mad against ASUS as brand, we understand that no one is perfect and thats why the support centers exist, we was loyal to this brand for years.... I say was because we will never again buy an ASUS product until we are 1000% sure that the support center works in the right way, that "we was" includes our more than 5,000 customers database plus many of the ones we reach with the campaign we made against ASUS service center (last count was 48,850 single persons) and please understand this "the campaign is vs ASUS service center not againts ASUS products"

    For us is a long term marriage what ends today, we just hope that nothing of all the items we have at the moment working (pretty much almost everything here is ASUS specially on PC) doesn't fail if that happens instead deal again with the annoying and useless ASUS Mexico support services we will better trash whatever it fails.

    This was the most disappointing experience we ever had with any brand on this country.

    If anyone from ASUS want to contact me for anything related to this use the private messages I don't think I will read this forums again.
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    Omg. If a retailer is treated like this, what can end-users expect?
    What was the outcome of this? What was their response?
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