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    Like most things, batteries tend to follow a normal distribution curve. Some will die very quickly, most will die at around 250-350 charge cycles, and some are seemingly immortal. Which one you get is kind of luck of the draw, and if you do a little basic research into just how batteries store power, you get a better understanding of why. There is still, unfortunately, a lot of really bad/stale info about batteries floating around however. You still occasionally will run into people who swear up and down that Li Ion batteries are subject to memory, which is absolutely not true, that was NiCad batteries, a precursor to Li Ion. About the only place you still find NiCad batteries is in things like cordless screwdrivers. They haven't been in laptops for ages.

    I generally just leave it in, if only to provide ballast and properly balance the laptop.

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    If thats the case then im not gonna take it out either... IF anyone else has some experience to share with there asus laptop's batteries then please do
    And thankyou everyone for giving your opinions and sharing ur experiences this really helped me out

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