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Thread: 7870 Crossfire

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    7870 Crossfire

    Hi, I just got finished installing my 7870's in crossfire. I uninstalled the display drivers before installing the crossfire setup, then re-installed the drivers. CCC is reporting that my crossfire is running. I have both cards installed into the x16 slots on my mb. But when i run GPUZ, it tells me that the secondary card is running a x16 1.1, and the primary card is running at x8 1.1. I am running ccc 12.11 beta 11 with 12.11 cap2.

    When playing FC3 I checked CCC and it shows GPU1 running at around 90 some odd percent. But it's showing GPU2 running at 0 percent? I am, however noticing quite a vast improvement in game performance. Ultra settings, 8x AA, v sync at 1 frame, and getting around 60 fps with dips down to the high 30's at some parts.

    Can anyone tell me why 1 card is running at x8 1.1? And why the second GPU is showing 0% in CCC while gaming? Also, I have a dual monitor setup (not eyefinity) with my monitor and my sony bravia tv. When i launch a game, it only displays the game on whichever monitor is set to primary. Previously, it would display on both monitors before setting up crossfire. Is that normal? This is my first time running crossfire so I guess I have many questions.

    Oh, and side note: I have both cards oc'd to 1175 Mhz and 1350 MHz memory at stock voltages. Should I run them at stock clocks?

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    Welcome to the forum !

    In the gaming and performance section of the CCC have you checked the box that says " enable crossfire"?
    It doesn't matter what it may say any where else those boxes MUST be checked.
    Are you running one or two crossfire bridges ? If two then remove one of them .
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