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    Very well man. I think I've learnt my lesson when it comes the 'extreme' processors; hopefully that 3770k will do me well. Thanks very much for you're time.

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    I have the rampage III formula and these are my settings for 4.32GHz:

    CPU Ratio: 27
    BCLK Freq: 160
    DRAM Freq: 1600Mhz
    RAM Timings: 8-8-8-20 / CR1
    CPU Voltage: 1.36875
    QPI/DRAM core volts: 1.3875
    DRAM Bus Voltage: 1.62975
    CPU PLL: 1.855
    IOH Voltage (NB): 1.113 Auto
    IOH PCIE Voltage (NB): Auto (1.51)
    ICH Voltage (SB): 1.113 Auto
    ICH PCIE Voltage (SB): Auto (1.51)

    More Bios settings:

    Sync Mode: Enabled
    AI Overclock Tuner: Manual
    OC From CPU Level Up: Auto
    2D Performance Booster: Disabled
    CPU Turbo Power Limit: Disabled
    PCIE Frequency: 100
    Memory Recheck: Enabled
    Memory Configuration Protect: Disabled
    CPU Differential Amplitude: Auto
    CPU Clock Skew: Auto
    IOH Clock Skew: Auto
    Digi+ Pwr Mode: T-Balanced
    PWM Volt. Control: Auto
    Load-Line Calibration: Full Calibration
    CPU Voltage OCP: Enabled
    CPU PWM Frequency: Auto
    Extreme OV: Disabled
    Extreme OC: Auto
    CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
    PCI Spread Spectrum: Disabled

    Advanced CPU Settings:

    C1E Suppport: Disabled
    Hardware Prefetcher: Enabled
    Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch: Enabled
    Intel® Virtualization Tech: Disabled
    CPU TM Function: Disabled
    Execute Disable Bit: Disabled
    Intel HT Techology: Enabled
    Active Processor Cores: All
    A20M: Disabled
    Intel SpeedStep Tech: Disabled
    Intel C-STATE Tech: Disabled

    I see that you have 12GB of RAM, so you could have either 3 or 6 dimms full. If you have all 6 full (like me) you need to run a higher QPI/DRAM voltage somewhere between 1.375 and 1.4v

    I can get to 4.42GHz stable with a CPU Voltage of 1.3875, a QPI/DRAM core volts of 1.40 and 160 BCLK but to be honest I need a better CPU cooler to run that 24/7

    I can also get to 4.48GHz with a CPU Voltage of 1.4 but I can't pass any serious stress tests and my CPU runs to hot.

    I can easily run 4.32GHz 24/7 but lately I just run 4.16GHz which is plenty fast.

    I think 4.5GHz (or close to it) is doable with this chip as long as you have a real good cooler but, you would be pushing the chip to it's limit and shortening it's lifespan, so unless your just doing it to see if you can (which I actually understand) 4.2 - 4.3 is plenty fast.

    And one final thought: the 980x is still a great chip but its glory days have past. That said you could run out and buy the latest LGA 2011 extreme chip but the cost won't out-way the benefit and I don't think you would even notice the additional 10% performance increase.
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    You also could check the settings by The Nemesis:

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