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    HELP NEEDED:OC CORE i3 530 2.93ghz

    dear members
    I have intel core i3 530 2.93ghz pro (no turbo)
    asus p7h55-v mobo
    2gb ram ddr3 1333 , transcend
    400 watt power supply
    intel heat sink fan no extra cooling system
    1gb integrated graphics card (intel h55)
    my problem is at 180 BCLK and vcore 1.25v blue screen of death appears
    at 180 BCLK i can achieve 3.9ghz
    my target is 4.0ghz
    can any one help me in this regard
    My bios settings are:
    Ai overclock tuner : manual
    cpu ratio setting : 22 (no turbo so 2944/133=22)
    xtreme phase full power mode : enabled
    BCLK frequency : 180
    BCLK/iGPU Frequency sync mode : auto
    DRAM Frequency : DDR3 1050mhz
    QPI Frequency : auto
    CPU differential amplitude : auto
    CPU clock skew : auto
    Please key in numbers directly
    CPU voltage mode [manual]
    fixed voltage: 1.250
    IMC voltage : 1.15000
    DRAM voltage : 1.500
    CPU PLL voltage : 1.80V
    PCH voltage : 1.05000
    iGPU voltage : auto
    Auto PSI : enabled
    At these settings system is unstable. (BSOD)

    my temp is 66C at 175 BCLK vcore at 1.232v
    multiplier x22 bus speed 174.9mhz and achieved 3847mhz
    system stable

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    I recommend manually setting your DRAM voltage to 1.65V for added stability

    Your BSOD problem may be due to the low IMC and CPU voltage you are using

    Set the CPU voltage to 1.25V and increase your IMC voltage to 1.25V and check if the system is stable at 180BCLK

    If it is stable back the voltage off to something lower that remains stable.

    let me know how it goes

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