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    my account have invalid characters in password

    hello all.
    I registered as Yawoor on this forum, but my password contains characters like: %^$@^& etc.
    I have confirmed my registration link via mail.
    Now im trying to login on this forum as Yawoor, and its unable.
    The same is with password reset on this site:
    - if i try to gain my reset password and i click GO BUTTON there is msg that my account is disabled but i clicked on the link in mail, if i press enter on this site putting code and mail - nothing happens.

    I had similar problem on other forum, asked forum admin to reset manually my password and send it to mail or send me any reset link to put in password and it worked to me.
    this site doesnt work too with reset password.

    So if someone could help me with manually reset password and notify me with mail signed to Yawoor user - ill appreciate this

    and sorry for my english if sth isnt ununderstand.

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