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    ASUS G74SX mSATA Inquiry and mSATA SSD Upgrade Ideas/Comments/Suggestions

    A pleasant day to all ROGers!

    I would like to ask for your ideas or knowledge with regards to the mSATA Port of any ASUS G74SX. I have found some sites that caught my attention, and this involves mSATA Mini SSDs.

    An idea struck me that since there are mSATA SSDs being sold by Amazon, Newegg, etc., maybe there were smaller versions of those SSDs that might fit on the mSATA Port of the G74SX Gamer Laptops, and so the idea of searching for such came to my mind, and the links below are the result of my curiosity.

    And because of this I researched for some mSATA Mini SSDs and found the following:

    I have tried using SiSoftware Sandra, CPU-Z and other software that might give me an idea about the specs of my ASUS G74SX-BBK9 but I wasn't able to get some answers to my curiosity. Maybe I'm missing some ideas where to look perhaps, or maybe something else is unknown to me (which I'm sure is most likely the case).

    Now my curiosity questions are as follows:

    1.) What would be the capabilities of the mSATA Port of the ASUS G74SX?
    2.) Would the ASUS G74SX be able to boot up on the mSATA Mini SSD like the ones above if ever one has been placed on it?
    3.) What is your idea about the performance of an mSATA Mini SSD for the ASUS G74SX?
    4.) Would it be wise to consider this idea?

    I've found the links below and they seem to be decent to buy and try:

    Anyone who may have any idea with regards to this matter, please do share your knowledge, I'm thinking of trying this one out but I'm kind of tight on my budget so I want to learn more before deciding on this kind of path. Hoping for anyone's kind responses. Thank you very much for reading this post and may each and everyone have a great day!

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