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    After beating myself up trying to resolve this, RMA the card to only have the new replacement do the same artifacting. I tried downclocking to suggested settings on these forums (6200@1.52v 6400@1.54v) which worked for a time but typically led to crashes instead of artifacts. After doing some more indepth research on the card's memory, most Asus 7970 Matrix including mine use Hynix memory H5GQ2H24AFR R0C. If you go to their site to research the chip: You'll notice near the bottom of the page that these memory chips are rated at 6000@1.5v. So it would seem Asus overclock these 10% from 6000 to 6600 which is resulting in artifacts in many cards. Since now it would seem to be a lottery if the chips OC beyond their 6000(1500MHz) spec. With this new info in hand, I set my memory at 6000@1.5v which these are rated for. Immediately artifacts have stopped, has been perfectly stable. While I'm not entirely fond of this, it is a temporary fix for at least my card. It has been stable for months. I have experimented with various clocks above the manufacturer's 6000 while maintaining 1.5v but typically results in artifacts. So take this for what it's worth, may stop you from tossing the card out the window.

    TL: DR: If your matrix has Hynix H5GQ2H24AFR R0C (which most do) it's rated 6000@1.5v try turning down your memory clock.
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