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    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why my Crosshair V Forumla-Z catches on FIRE!

    And I literally mean it catches on fire. I use the same voltages that everyone else is using. I bought this board and the top moffset caught on fire right above the CPU. I did an RMA and got very scared so I bought the stupid MOBO waterblock. Today I'm trying to get a stable 4.9ghz OC and the damn thing catches fire again in the same same place. What setting is catching this thing to catch on fire? Is it the LLC? I know 1.51 volts is high but I read about a lot of people running 1.55v.

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    Hard to say for sure without a lot of specialized tools, but I'd have to say that if multiple boards caught on fire in the same place with the same config, then the problem is not likely with the board, but the PSU. You'd probably need an oscilloscope to be able to really tell for sure, but it seems extremely unlikely that you'd get two boards in a row with the exact same defect.

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    I think the fire started on the back of the board. WTF? could it be the radiator that I had to trim to fit the board? Could it be that the back to the board is to close to the case? The fire part is located right next to the 4pin connector from the PSU.

    Here are some pics

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    back of top of board
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    here is the front of the board that goes under the water block
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    Mosfets in full load could have 100C specially with high voltage at CPU and CPUNB. If you have CPUNB at default clocks or around, dont need 1.4V with CPUNB. This is only for high stability CPU and CPUNB clocks around 2600+ MHz. Its necessary cooling VRM with some cooling. Zambezi Bulldozers are with high voltages very power hungry (Vishera is better after OC, no need so much voltage for the same clock at CPU an CPUNB). Similar as i7-3960x after OC. Watterblock was only at CPU? If yes, its clear, with wattercooling setup you need always cooling VRMs (some 120mm fan or so). IF you have classic aircoller at CPU, with normal middle OC its good, because in most cases CPU cooler cooling VRMS a bit too (air flow direction).
    LLC is better to set manualy (high). C5F and C5F-Z are different with real voltage and voltage in BIOS.

    Guys, if you are overlcoking, in every case monitor the temperatures not only at CPU (in Coretemp max 65-70C! No more!), but power suply rails and VRM temperatures too.
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    No doubt .. after reviewing your 'My Computer Blog' .. and the above, that would be my 'guess'.
    [[Can't touch it. Limited/Selected views. Haven't seen the 'mount' .. ect.)

    (btw..generally..carpet and MB's don't play nice together..)

    The only solice I can offer in this is .. the 'Third Time's a Charm'.
    Nice 'My Computer Blog' -- you don't have more build pics do ya ??
    Best of Luck.c.

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    Looks like the board is touching the radiator, could be shorting out? Voltage isn't the issue as I'v had my vCore up to 1.6v.

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    buy a bigger case or relocate the rad ..looks def like an heat retension /arcing issue but then you knew this or would'nt of trimmed the rad ..
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    Thanks for the replies. If I swapped the fans and radiator on the top do you think I would still have a problem?

    It would end up being something like this
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    it looks like in the picture you are only using the 4 pin cpu power plug if that is so you are putting way to much of a load on it you need to use the 8 pin cpu power plug too to even out the power.
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