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    High DPC latency with usbport.sys driver

    High folks,

    Not sure this is the right place, but didn't get any answers from Microsoft forums. :/

    I am experiencing some stuttering while playing. I was surprised to see that kind of stuttering with the kind of setup I have and especially from a rig made for Gamer in mind.

    So I went into the journey of finding why I was stuttering while playing. I found out that I have a high DPC latency with usbport.sys driver. To find that out, I installed Windows perofrmance analyser and ran it while playing BF3. You can clearly see who takes the most time in DPC execution with the following report from the tool.

    link to image:

    The thing is, when not playign, I do not have high DPC peak like that. It is only when playing that I see the usbport.sys going crazy like this. Usually, I have a very good DPC, which ranges from 10us to 150us.

    So now that I know what's causing my stuttering, my questions to you folks is how can I resolve this? I have reach my limit in tweaking things up. :/ Here are my assumptions:

    1- IRQ (or contention) - I was surprise to see that USB ports share the same IRQ as my graphic card.
    2- BAD mouse/keyboard drivers from either Razer or Madcatz (Wouldn't be surprised about Madcatz)
    3- IRQ priority?? not sure here.

    My rig:
    Maximus V Gene
    8gb Ram
    Nvidia 670
    --- US2.0 devices:
    --- Note: Both of the following are connected to the onboard USB (2.0) connectors, which share a different IRQ than the
    --- graphic cards
    Razer Nostromo (Gaming keyboard pad)
    R.A.T 7 (Madcatz mouse)
    --- ASMedia USB3
    Deactivated in BIOS
    --- Intel USB3
    Not used, but active

    --- Drivers
    Latest Intel chipsets
    Latest audio drivers
    Latest BIOS (1604)

    --- OS
    Windows 7 64bits (Standard Edition)

    Edit: ----
    My rig is OC at 4.2mhz. The OC has been made in the BIOS and not with some tools. It is a stable OC, which I have tested using prime for a whole night.

    Edit 2: I removed my madcatz and Nostromo drivers and still have the issue. :/

    On a final note, I am open to suggestions on how to investigate this further. If you have any ideas, it will be much appreciated!!

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    Could you please help to disabled C-state and intel ESIT feature from the bios manual then try it again?

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    C state and EIST are already disabled as the others

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