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    The Phoebus sounded like the king gaming sound card when it was announced, but ever since it's release, it hasn't looked anywhere near it.
    Some got it working with little or no issues. Some have it working but with some issues or are willing to put up with whatever bugs they incure and have ways to work around it.

    I gave it 8 months, now it's about 9 months since it's release, and it hasn't gotten any better in terms of fixing and releasing a proper driver to fix all the issues that this card seems to have. It's been 2 beta drivers since it's release in April/May.

    For an ASUS ROG product this certainly to me hasn't lived up to the ROG name which is very disappointing. It seems like ASUS maybe at CMedia's mercy interms of driver support and fixes, but again for a premium priced sound card I'd expect better driver support and to be honest just a better means of compatibility and testing before the card's released. Maybe that's why the ROG RAIDR SSD PCI-E card is taking it's sweet time being released so it doesn't fall in footsteps of the Phoebus.

    What I don't get is why? The Xonar cards had such good reviews before with the ST/STX, DG, DGX, etc... all their sound cards we're great. They announce the first ROG Xonar sound card which made really great hype and interest and when the card is released, it has all sorts of issues in terms of drivers and driver support. What got me was, I was willing to drop the money on the card as soon as I saw one at my local shop, but I didn't pull the trigger as I had some unexpected expenses come up which seemed to have been a blessing in disguise as it delayed me enough to read all the driver issues it had with BF3/Punkbuster and other issues people we're having. I almost wished they had just re-released the D2X card with a headphone amp with the break out unit, and I would have had my perfect sound card.

    If you're NOT willing to put up with the potential issues that of people are experiencing I would look at other sound cards or wait a little longer when they fix their drivers.

    I gave up on the Phoebus, mainly because I recently found out that it doesn't support DTS which is something I need on a sound card as I do watch quite a lot of blu-ray movies on my computer. I would have gone with the STX but it has no 5.1 support on the STX. One solution would have been to get a STX, and the HDAV1.3 with a H6 but I don't have that many PCI-E slots open with 2x GTX Matrix 580s.

    It only seems like there's one card that fits almost all my needs and it's not an ASUS solution which is sorta sad for me, since I love ASUS products and they've always come out with a great all in one solution or something so epic that full fills all the needs of a lot of enthusiasts.

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