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    ASUS G74SX-BBK9 Manufacturer Warranty Extension

    A pleasant day to all ROGers!

    I would like to ask for any details with regards to extending the 1-year Accidental Manufacturer Warranty that came to my ASUS G74SX-BBK9 when I bought it from BestBuy. I didn't buy the Accidental Warranty Plan of BestBuy because, in my own opinion and experience, they wouldn't really take care of my laptop and so the idea of extending my laptop's Accidental Warranty Plan directly from ASUS came into my mind. I checked the ASUS US eStore for a Warranty Extension for my G74SX-BBK9 but didn't find any.

    I would like to ask for any suggestions with regards to my concern and any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for taking your time in reading my post and may each and everyone of you have a very nice day ahead!

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    find the phone number in asus website and call to ask.

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