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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme Overclocking BIOS Guide

    ASUS Republic Of Gamers Rampage 3 Extreme Overclocking Motherboard
    Click on the pictures to view larger image

    The ASUS Rampage III Extreme is an Overclockers dream. This board begs to ask how well can you overclock. At the hart of the Rampage III Gene is its the X58 chip set capable of Quad SLI, and Quadfire X the 1366 socket board is capable of Trippe Channel DDR3 and up 24GB of memory capacity

    System Specifications

    (22.22c Ambient Air Temperature)
    Core Voltage: 1.144V
    Temperature: 27c
    Core Speed: 3.33GHz
    Uncore Speed: 2670MHz
    Base Clock Speed: 133MHz
    Quick Path Interconnect Speed: 3200MHz
    System Memory: 3x Corsair Dominator GTX 4 2533MHz 2GB
    Voltage: 1.5V
    Temperature 25c
    Speed: 1333MHz
    Divider "Ratio": 2:10
    Timings: CL9-9-9-24 74 1T

    Processor: Intel Core i7-980X
    Core Voltage: 1.360V
    Temperature: 75c
    Core Speed: 4.0128GHz
    Uncore Speed: 2889.2MHz
    Base Clock Speed: 160.5MHz
    Quick Path Interconnect Speed: 2889.3MHz

    System Memory: 3x Corsair Dominator GTX 4 2533MHz 2GB
    Voltage: 1.66V
    Speed: 963MHz
    Divider "Ratio": 2:12
    Timings: CL9-9-9-28 98 2T

    Extreme Tweaker BIOS Settings
    Enter the system BIOS by presing Delete on the BIOS splash screen.
    Set Tuning mode to Exteme OC
    Set AI Overclock tuner to manual
    Increase CPU multiplier to 30X
    Enable CPU Load-Line Calibration
    Increase CPU voltage to 1.35V
    Set DRAM bus Voltage to 1.65
    Disable CPU Spread Spectrum
    Disable PCIE Spread Spectrum
    Advanced CPU confuguration
    Disable Intel speedStep
    Disable Intel C-State Tech

    Press F10 save changes and exit, press F8 and boot off of your MemtestX86 disk
    wait for atleast 1 full pass of error checking to complete before contunuing to boot windows

    if no memory errors found boot to windows and run Prime 95 Torture test select In-place large FFTs
    Install Core Temp we do not want the Maximum CPU temperature to exceed 80*C
    I recommend an error free pass of Prime 95 for 24hr to ensure system stability

    Random Access Memory Overclocking
    Now we move into memory overclocking
    Set DRAM Timing Control to Auto
    Manually change the DRAM clock frequency to the rating of you memory in this case *2133MHz
    Also change the DRAM voltage to match the rating of your memory *1.65V
    press F10 to save and exit.

    Boot into windows and open CPU ID to verify your memory clock speed.

    Run a stress testing program like Prime 95 or a quick test like Wprime
    To ensure stability I suggest creating a Memtest X86 CD to check for memory errors.

    Rampage III Extreme BIOS template

    Target CPU Frequency                  4000MHz
    Target DRAM Frequency               1926MHz
    LN2 Mode:                                  Disabled***
    QPI Loadline Calibration:              Enabled***
    Sync Mode                                  [Enabled]
    AI Overclock Tuner                      [Manual]
    OC From CPU level Up                  [Auto]
    2D Performance Booster               [Disabled]
    CPU Ratio Setting                         [30.0]
    CPU Turbo Power Limit                 [Disabled]
    >CPU Configuration----------------------------
    CPU Ratio Setting                         [30.0]
    C1E Support                                [Enabled]
    Hardware Prefetcher                    [Enabled]
    Adjacent Cache Line Prefetcher     [Enabled]
    MPS and ACPI MADT ordering       [Modern]
    Intel(R) Virtualization Tech           [Enabled]
    CPU TM Function                         [Disabled]
    Execute Disable Bit                      [Enabled]
    Intel(R) HT Technology                [Enabled]
    Active Processor Cores                 [All]
    A20M                                         [Disabled]
    Intel(R) SpeedStep(TM) Tech       [Enabled]
    Performance/Watt select              [Power]
    Intel(R) C-STATE Tech                 [Enabled]
    C State package limit setting         [Auto]
    C1 Auto Demotion                        [Enabled]
    C3 Auto Demotion                        [Enabled]
    BCLK Frequency                            [133]
    PCIE Frequency                            [100]
    DRAM Frequency                          [1926]
    UCLK Frequency                           [2890]
    QPI Link Data Rate                       [6400]
    Memory Configuration Protect        [Disabled]
    >DRAM Timing Control--------------------------
    CAS# Latency                        6    [6]
    RAS# to CAS# Delay              7    [7]
    RAS# PRE Time                     6    [6]
    RAS# ACT Time                   18    [18]
    RAS# to RAS# Delay              4    [4]
    REF Cycle Time                    72    [72]
    WRITE Recovery Time          10    [10]
    READ to PRE Time                 6    [6]
    FOUR ACT WIN Time            24    [Auto]
    Back-To-BackCAS# Delay        0    [Auto]
    Timing Mode                        1N    [1N]
    Round Trip Latency on CHA    59    [59]
    Round Trip Latency on CHB    61    [60]
    Round Trip Latency on CHC    62    [61]
    WRITE To READ Delay(DD)      8    [Auto]
    WRITE To READ Delay(DR)      8    [Auto]
    WRITE To READ Delay(SR)     18    [Auto]
    READ To WRITE Delay(DD)      7    [Auto]
    READ To WRITE Delay(DR)      7    [Auto]
    READ To WRITE Delay(SR)      7    [Auto]
    READ To READ Delay(DD)        7    [Auto]
    READ To READ Delay(DR)        6    [Auto]
    READ To READ Delay(SR)        4    [Auto]
    WRITE To WRITE Delay(DD)    7    [Auto]
    WRITE To WRITE Delay(DR)    7    [Auto]
    WRITE To WRITE Delay(SR)    4    [Auto]
    CPU Differential Amplitude             [Auto]
    CPU Clock Skew                           [Auto]
    IOH Clock Skew                            [Auto]
    ------------ Extreme Engine Digi+ ------------
    Digi+ PWR Mode                          [T-Balanced]
    PWR Volt. Control                         [Auto]
    Load-Line Calibration                    [Full]
    CPU Voltege OCP                          [Enabled]
    CPU PWM Frequency                    [Auto]
    Extreme OV                                 [Enabled]*
    Extreme OC                                 [Auto]
    CPU Voltage                     1.343    [1.35]
    CPU PLL Voltage               1.349    [1.35150]
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage    1.429    [1.43750]
    DRAM Bus Voltage            1.654    [1.65]
    >DRAM REF Voltages----------------------------
    DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHA    [Auto]
    DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA    [Auto]
    DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHB    [Auto]
    DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB    [Auto]
    DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHC    [Auto]
    DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHC    [Auto]
    IOH Voltage                     1.111    [Auto]
    IOH PCIE Voltage             1.508    [Auto]
    ICH Voltage                     1.111    [Auto]
    ICH PCIE Voltage                         [Auto]
    *QPI Voltage OCP                        [Enabled]
    *IOH Voltage OCP                       [Enabled]
    *DRAM Voltage OCP                    [Enabled]
    *QPI PWM Frequency                  [Auto]
    *IOH PWM Frequency                  [Auto]
    *DRAM PWM Frequency               [Auto]
    ---------- Spread Spectrum Control -----------
    CPU Spread Spectrum                  [Disabled]
    DRAM Spread Spectrum               [Disabled]
    ***on-board jumper dependant
    ROG Connect Software Overclocking

    These settings are not guaranteed to work on your configuration

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

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    God i love my Rampage III <3

    Thank you ASUS for bringing us such amazing products!
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    dxm is back! I love seeing your avatar, bud.
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