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    Been Away for a few weeks.

    Just want to say thank you to those who have enquired about my well being these last few weeks. I am not going to be able to reply to each of the pm's that I have received, there are just too many of them.

    For those that do not know I had a heart bye-pass procedure last year to replace a valve that was defective. The valve that they used was not compatible with my blood group, and resisted all attempts to be integrated with my system. The result was a second procedure to change the type of valve for one less likely to be rejected by my body. That procedure took place just after the new year. So I guess you could say I am now permanently water cooled. The good news was that the new valve was accepted by my body. And no further problems there.

    Unfortunately I did something silly. I did not allow my body to heal. I tried to do to much too soon. I tried to clear some snow from my drive and slipped and did some real damage to myself less than a week after the procedure. I have spent the last few weeks in hospital paying for that hubris. Look hubris up if you do not know what it means.

    But as of this afternoon I am back home and will be on the forum from Monday. It is quite late in the morning and I am wide away, so I have snuck down stairs to my PC an logged on. My wife has become very protective of me and removed all means of engaging with the internet from my access.

    All I can say is that I have missed my friends here on ROG and can not wait to be able to part of our great community again. So those that have pm'd me for assistance or help I have not ignored you purposefully, and than you for all the well wishes from those who knew I was having some health issues.
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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    welcome back.........

    Yes, i am convinced i speak for all of us, when i say we have been missing you..
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    i didn't know you have health problems, hope you doing fine, i'm inspired of you in the first place i visit here in the rog forum because you almost answer all the question on the thread and now i'am more inspired because despite of your health problems you seems don't forget to help others. =)
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    Maaaan, she unplugged him ;o)

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    Welcome back! And listen to your wife... sometimes they know better when we should stop and rest a little bit...

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    Good to hear your feeling OK man welcome back

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    Welcome back, good to hear things are getting better.
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    Glad you´re back in business, HiViz. In your defence, with a laptop in front of you, how much snow will you likely be shoveling??!!! But, we can´t blame wifes for protecting us, they want to make sure there´s someone there to shovel snow NEXT year
    Good to see you´re back, other people have chipped in with help while you were away, especially Chino has been hard at work, I must commend him with a rep!
    Take care now, don´t get caught

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    Good to see you back chap,
    Take it easy and hopefully you'll be back on form soon. Get well soon mate

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    There's always going to be more snow...but there's only ever going to be ONE HiVizMan. Take care, my friend. Glad to hear you're on the mend!
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