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    My G72GX Laptop Freezing up

    Hi i have a Asus G72GX laptop, and lately ill be on a browser or skype and then all of a sudden, my computer just freezes up, cant move the mouse, or type anything it just freezes and i have to do a hard reset, when i restart it and it comes back up, it would do it maybe minutes later or hours depending, ive tried everything, theres nothing wrong with the memory, ive tried reinstalling windows 7 twice, it would work for a while then it would start doing it again, i was told that the audlogy sound hd had something to do with it, so i disabled that but ive had it froozed once since then, i dont no what else to do, please any help would be appreciated, if you need more info let me and ill give it, please reply ASAP!!!

    Thank You

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    A bunch of people have been getting plagued with poor OS performance after the last batch of Visual C++ updates. To test, uninstall Silverlight + Visual C++ Redistributables 2005, 2008, and 2010. Reboot and see if your issues go away.
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    oh ok how do i do that exactly? and you think this would remove my problem?

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    An update: i just got done with a skype call and 10 minutes later my computer frooze again, but only frooze for bout a good 20 secs and then it unfroozed itself idk why its doing this now please help

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    now that i think of this, the only times this has froozen now is when iam in a call on skype, and ive been talking to skype support but they dont no whats going on do you think u no a solution please?

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    Well, "Hard freeze while browsing (or doing other basic tasks) -> reboot -> another hard freeze" - sounds exactly like what I'm experiencing with my G73JH-TZ207.

    I didn't have any freezes or even BSODs (well, except for one caused by a faulty driver) during the first few months, then suddenly, apparently out of the blue, all hell broke loose (ironically, it always happens while doing basic stuff - gaming (even with AMD OD activated) doesn't seem affected at all).

    Changed drivers, tried some tweaks and ran all sorts of tests on the CPU, GPU, RAM and HDDs to no result.

    Never thought of Silverlight as a possible culprit, but judging by the logs, there actually was an update around the time those issues started, so I'll deinstall it and keep my fingers crossed.

    PS: Do you know if the SL 5 beta also causes this kind of problem, or is it limited to the recent (possibly not so) "stable" release?

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    iam not sure cause i never used silverlight but it seems to me u are having the same problem as me, btw do you use skype? if you do cause i believe that can be on the of the problems cause now thats the times it happens to me is when iam in a call with someone

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    Nope, no skype.

    I don't remember ever "using" Silverlight either, but since it's - iirc - loaded as a plug-in as soon as you start your browser (not sure if it also contains some sort of system service that runs even when no browser is in use), this doesn't make much of a difference.

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    So you think that could be one of the problems my computer freezes?

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    Well, at least I didn't experience any freezes yet since deinstalling it, and Chastity is usually right.

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