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    Are the ROG boards right for me?

    I'm going to be upgrading from a P5k-E/Q6600 setup to an i5-3570(K) system. I'm not a true gamer and I never overclock. However, I like well-made things and it seems the ROG boards are all about quality. If they work well for overclocking, they should be super stable for me, right? Stability 24/7 is all I really value, but don't want to spend the money for a Xeon/ECC ram setup. My P5k-E has been perfect.

    Therefore the Maximus V Gene has caught my attention.

    My usage:
    • Web/HTML programming.
    • Photo editing on a color sRGB corrected 24" 1920x1200 NEC 2490WUXi2.
    • Converting video with Sony Vegas 11.
    • Playing the MechWarrior Online video game when I should be working.
    • Listening to music on my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers.
    • I never turn my computer off, it has ran for 5 years now.
    • Will only install a GeForce GTX 660 card, mATX boards are big enough.

    Are the ROG boards right for me? If I don't overclock are they stable, don't auto adjust silly things?

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    i only use Asus Mobo, since 15 years., and regardless if it's not ROG all are stable. This is the first time i own ROG boards (Maximus V-GENE) because i want to overclock, i want to experience it and but first it was because the looks of ROG boards and technology that was use on it. So my suggestion for you is if you have spare money and WANT it why not try it. Note that in some Asus Motherboard line up models you could also do what you have said in your post.
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    Don't let the appearance full you. If the MVG is paired with an i7 3770k, it's a powerful little monster whether it's for gaming, hardcore rendering or just fooling around on the internet. You might even find some of its other features useful. But it won't do anything on its own unless you tell it to. You're in complete control of its functions.

    All ROG boards are manufactured with a little abuse in mind. So you know the quality is top notch.

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    The ROG boards are very good boards no two ways about that. The Gene is very solid and my wife uses one. I do think that the Extreme is not for you and my choice would be the Formula.
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    I'd say a Formula, or a Z77 Sabertooth.

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    There is no better quality in a consumer mainboard than R-O-G, mate. You're in the right place.
    EVGA's after-sales support is better, but R-O-G's line up of products is superior.
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    Since you are in Video and Image editing, I will look at a i7 not a i5. As for the motherbboard, mainly every manufacturers have good quality boards over $ 100, If you have the budget for a ROG + a i7 go for it, if not go for the i7 and another board.

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    Hi pcunite,

    As an owner of the Rampage IV Formula, i can proudly say that my experiences with a ROG board has been nothing short of absolutely fantastic. The online pictures really didn't do any justice to the outstanding build quality which is evident across the board of ROG products.

    I think with your usage scenario, a 3770k will be best paired with the Gene and a nice dominator-gt kit.

    As for the 660, i have two myself and can vouch for Asus on their quality once again. But i do wish they'd remove power restrictions to the voltage on these cards :P


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