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    Catalyst 13.2 beta 5 "Pinstripe issue"

    Hey fellas,

    after a few days of hesitation I finally decided to give the new Beta 5 a try. Used the AMD Cleanup utility in SafeMode, and everything seemed to work out fine during installation of the 13.2 beta 5. However I encountered a most annoying issue:
    Every 3 out of 5 boot attempts, my 3 monitors (3x1 setup, currently not configured for Eyefinity) start showing a pinstriped pattern directly after WIndows reaches the desktop (after logging on) and there is no way of checking what's running (happening) in the background (I would say the rig did not freeze or crash by definition). Only a shutdown / cold reboot helps, however as mentioned before, it happens every 3 out of 5 attempts which, as you all can imagine, is pretty annoying.
    Since this didn't happen with Catalyst 12 (WHQL and Beta) and in SafeMode, I am more or less convinced this is a driver issue.
    I suspected GPU Tweak to have somthing to do with it, however I cannot confirm that assumption (I was standing under the impression that it happens when Windows is loading up GPU Tweak, but the issue occurred with GPU Tweak deinstalled as well).

    My rig specs:

    CPU: Intel 3930K
    RAM: Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2133 (16 GB)
    GPU: 2x ASUS 7970HD Matrix Platinum XFire
    HDD: 2x Corsair Force GT SSD 128GB (Raid 0)
    OS: Windows 7 64bit Professional

    Has someone experienced the same issue, or in similar way?



    PS: (02082013/20:44) I have tried installations of other variants of the Catalyst 13 now as well (Beta 4 and 2, WHQL) ....same issue.
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    Double post, sorry for that one.... but I found out what did this.

    Unfortunately the answer is not surprising in a way.... GPU Tweak.

    Since I installed my XFire Setup, GPU Tweak tends to show odd values (000 at core clock, VDDCI maxed out) at system startup once in a while. I always thought these would be a visual bug, but apparently they're not. Some sliders are maxed out and obviously this is not just a visual glitch. Whenever I see this, I instantly hit the default button, all values return to normal and everythings fine).

    GPU Tweak needs to be fixed dear ASUS guys, seriously.... and we're not talking miracles here tbh.
    It's unaaceptable that the software cannot save/reload with saved values once you change your hardware within the specified operational parameters of the software, this is childs stuff. Not mentioning the still existant typos, no support for simultaneuous monitoring of Multi GPU systems and so on. I mean ASUS creates this wonderful piece of hardware, a grace to its class, and then they fail at peanuts like GPU Tweak or the totally insufficient cooling.

    I am truly disappointed. Issues like these have to be dealt with a lot faster and more reasonable.

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    Beta6 has been released
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