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    Cool Rampage 4 on the Rampage

    I wanted to build the best desktop computer that will least 6 years. When the Mobo gets outdated, then a simple replace is required. Finally, I have the room and to keep cool.
    I got the parts from California, New York, Germany, Taiwan, and Bangkok, integrated literally.
    I have the Rampage 4 extreme mounted in a Caselabs case (their smallest model), Intel i7 3820 (4 cores), 32 GB ram (can go to 64GB), 4.5 TB Hdd but want an SSD (when ASUS comes out with one, RADR), ASUS 660Ti video card with 2 GB ram, 2 radiators in series, 2 bits pumps in series (in case of one fails), Corsair pwr supply (1250 w), Kingston Ram, Areocool fan controller, and a homemade pcb to distribute the 14 fans instead of a wiring nightmare.
    Everything keeps cool except the ASUS video card, runs at 55 degrees C so I contacted EK and found a water block for the video card and replaced the ASUS fans. Now the video card and other parts of the mobo are at about room temperature, 29 degrees. I don't like to work near a hot computer so now its a few degrees above room temperature, even the cpu. Right now, everything is running at normal speed. Next project is to overclock everything once I find the upper limits; wish me luck. Any constructive criticisms are welcome
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