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    Exclamation G73jh Temporary freezing/extreme lagging at random intervals.

    I have read a couple of forums from people with possibly similar problems. In the forums the problem was never really solved as far as I could find. Because of this, I am posting this here as a desperate plea for help.

    The Problem: Freezing of computer for approx 2 seconds at random times. Occurs as often as every other minute or as rare as every 2 hours.

    Attempted Solutions:
    Clean install of Windows 7 - failed
    Replaced hard drive and clean install - failed
    Update all drivers - failed
    Call ASUS Support - never encountered something so frustrating as trying to interpret those accents
    Call Best Buy support - Wanted to charge me up to $200 just to ADDRESS the problem.
    Plea to ASUS ROG for a god-send - underway

    Additional Details - IMPORTANT:
    Something I just recently noticed... When the "lag" spikes occur, the i7 processor's 8 "virtual" cores all spike to at least 98%. This hints at a faulty processor. Funny how it comes up around the time my warranty expires...

    Laptop Details:
    ASUS "Best-Buy Version" G73jh
    Intel i7 mobility
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 Graphics
    6 GB RAM
    64 GB Crucial SSD (custom addition)
    500 GB original hard drive
    Warranty expired 1 week ago. :/

    EDIT: With a little searching here (not sure how I didn't see it before) I found this other forum post. Looks as if still no actual solution was found.
    Link to forum post:

    EDIT2: Chastity corrected that I actually G73jh.

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