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    G53SW starts but screen stays black


    I have a asus g53sw laptop with i7 2630qm cpu, gefore gtx 460m graphics, 8 gigs of memory, 2x 500GB HDD

    I dont use battery with my laptop always plugged in, and I use it a lot of HDMI with my TV to play games.

    My laptop was working fine until today when i powered it on , there is nothing on the screen , but i hear it boot into windows because of the "Welcome" sound at beginning. I turned it off by holding the power button then turned it back on , nothing has changed,
    the laptop starts normally (the keyboard lights) and boots into windows but there is nothing appearing on the screen i tried with HDMI too and it's the same thing there is no signal on the TV

    Is my laptop dead? or is there a way to fix?

    please help me


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    How long have you had it? This problem is quite common it seems among 53SW units. Best you can do is replace it from place you bought if there is still time, or call in for a RMA. You can try pulling out the battery, leaving it unplugged, and holding the power button for 30secs to drain all remaining power. Then after plugging things back in, try booting to see if it gets you the screen, along with other various methods ppl might suggest, but in the end. You will have to send it back/in for repair if you want it 100% fixed. Sorry to hear you got the problem, hope you get things sorted out without much fuss/mess.

    Good Luck! :>
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    Either way it should be under warranty. One thing you can do to test it is try to boot the laptop and shine a bright flashlight through it. If there's an image on the screen then it's just the backlight system that's croaked.

    When you connected to the HDMI did you press the FN+F8 to enable the external display (it doesn't always enable automatically)?

    If it doesn't turn the external display on then, it's a bad gpu for sure. Otherwise it's localized to your onboard LCD.

    If you can get an external display to work and you're within your return policy, I'd recommend backing up your data and exchanging it. If you're outside of the return policy at the store, I'd call Asus for an RMA after backing up your data (if you have data that you care about that is).

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