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    It works!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamonic View Post
    When I had my forum up and running back in the day, I had guides created for just this very thing. As you can see in my signature, the forums are no longer online/accessible unless you use the wayback machine here. I wrote what I came across when I did mine and it's been invaluable to everyone who has a DIY mindset.

    In short however, it's fairly easy to do physically once the notebook has been disassembled enough to gain access to the SOIC pins of the BIOS chip, which IIRC is directly underneath the keyboard panel assembly on the G75 notebooks.

    I'll update you once I have time to gather what you need to follow and you can go from there; few hours perhaps.
    Regarding the BIOS image repair, have a read here.

    As a side note, if you can disassemble a notebook to do a repaste on one of those models, you definitely have the astute "skill set" required to use a programmer.

    PM sent

    Yes, thank you so much for the detailed tutorial. I was able to bring back my 9 year old G75 which just died while changing BIOS settings. I knew something happened to the BIOS, then. As everyone described, lights on they keyboard turned on but nothing else.

    Anyways, I bought a cheap CH341 programer with a clamp connector. Used this software and followed your instructions. There is a part of changing the "descriptor" of BIOS, I had to skip this step to make it work.

    So my laptop is back and as good as always except now windows says it is not activated, anyone knows a work around for this? Which part of the bios should I copy in order for windows to think it is installed on the same computer? must be some sort of BIOS serial or something right?

    Greeets!! Thanks!

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