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    Exclamation g72gx problems errrrr.....

    Hi all,
    I am a rog newbie so please excuse any errors I may make.
    I just received my new used g72gx as a late Xmas present from hubby. HUBBY got it from the pawn shop as is. Anyway it was working fine until I installed my addiction The Sims 3 + eps (I know but I have a God complex) I notice right away crashes, bsod, freezing and when it would boot up it sometimes say no medium and insert boot disc press any key. I know the os is win 7 home but all I have is win 7 pro 32/64 upgrade disc. I insert the disc and try to do a system repair and any other options available but nothing! So I walked away before it got kicked out the front door! This morning I tried again this time it started up no problem but as soon as I clicked on my music play list it worked for 2mins and bsod! It restart and once again no medium! I go to repair but when it gets to option of recovery it says No Hard drive listed and the list is empty!
    Things I have done...
    upgrade all drivers ( previous owner did a wipe I guess)
    Install virus protection "AVG"
    I don't know anything other than that about computers history sorry. I wish some smart person would come up with something like car fax. For computers. Oh it also has screen ficker, power supply jack problems, and one of the USB ports shorts out the computer but I put duck tape over it so I don't use it. Sorry for being long winded but I try.

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