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    Quote Originally Posted by redraven_y2k View Post
    I know it has been a while busy with family.
    here is the update.....
    I needed a new hdd because the old one was corrupt. I brought new install disk from asus but whomever had the laptop before upgrade a different win 7 and I got the dreaded red x so it was a paper weight for a week. I took it to my tech guy and he installed the new hdd and win8 so I am some what happy. Problem is now since installing win8 I have lose use of some functions like overclock and the other buttons at the top I can live with it I guess. I tryed to fix that screen flix issue but now my screen just goes white. oh well might upgrade once my student loan is posted. Hope this update helps.
    1. Do you mean you get the big red 'ERROR' when you use the first ASUS recovery disk? Normally you need to send in the system to ASUS to fix this, but you may not be worried about this anymore if you have Win8 installed.

    2. For the white screen issue, can you borrow/attach and external monitor when this happens to check if there is just some problem with the notebook screen?
    You may be able to use it as a desktop if the external monitor works okay and you're interested.

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