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    ESATA and Rampage IV Formula

    I was looking at the ESATA ports and wondering if I could use them. I've never tried ESATA before so am curious on how it actually works

    I've already got 6 SATA devices connected to the motherboard how would adding an ESATA drive or 2 interfere with the other drives or is it like adding a USB drive?

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    I use eSata with a hard drive caddy. Quicker than USB3. Allows easy file transfer what more is there?
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    I used the ESATA too (diff mobo), I have an USB & ESATA 2.5" enclosure, works great. But if you want to plug it in with the computer powered up, you'd better enable "hot plug" for that port in BIOS. And when plugging it in, if yours uses an AC power adapter, always connect power first. Otherwise, you need to connect the ESATA cable first (as it will default to USB if you plug in USB first with the computer on). FYI.
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