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    Gaming on MVF

    I am struggling since I built my rig, both BF3 and BFBC2 are running really stuttery. I have changed GFX card, monitor, tried onboard sound and my creative sound card so the only thing left is the motherboard or my broadband connection. My frames per second never drop below 80, I have a ping of 5 but the game is like in slow motion. I have tried the ethernet drivers off the supplied dvd and the latest from the Asus website. I can't figure it out, my last rog motherboard was fantastic with the marvell ethernet drivers but I have seen a lot of people who are struggling with the intel 82579V. I have tried everything on ultra, and Low settings and it makes no difference.

    Is there anything I am overlooking with chipset drivers, ethernet drivers, special settings, because I bought the motherboard for the ROG but at the moment I can't play anything.

    MVF, i7 3770k, N580 GTX lightning, 2 x 8 gig corsair vengeance, benq XL2411T.

    Thanks for reading.

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