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    yeah, as HiVizMan said, try Rog Connect with remote laptop if you haven't played with that already, it works miracles.

    as per Ai SUite vcore overvolt warning, just open Ai Probe II app, go to Settings/Notifications and disable alerts for CPU vcore, that's what I did and no more irritating warnings
    you need that sensors module if you want to use TurboV

    ROG OC Key works for me on DVI-D port off my primary video card (evga 670 2GB ref), no problem here!
    I just never use this thing, as switching the USB keyboard between that and Windows OS is not done instantly and lags sometimes, it works however, just remember that USB keyboard must be plugged in to the white ROG Connect USB port n rear panel (same one you would use for RC Connect or Ai Charger).

    Quote Originally Posted by sstephan View Post
    I need the software to work for benching .my main oc is trough bios of course .for benching i overclock till the cpu is barely stable , so cant do that from bios a sit will crash during windows boot .
    I removed the sensor so i dont get the stupid overvolt warning message in ai suite . But then i cant start turbov .
    My second option is to use oc key , but..... Well this crap wont work either , as it needs single link dvi connector ,and my card has only dual link dvi's.
    What were they thinking ??? most cards today come with dual link dvi connectors .
    Lots of hyped up crap that wont even work .
    I'm really disappointed .
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    there should be a big red warning label on all products which are released with ai suite:

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    Quote Originally Posted by KILLER_K View Post
    Not 100% sure what your issue is with the OC Key. But a single link will plug into a dual link. So with any modern card it will plug in and work.
    i dont need powerfull gaming cards , currently i dont play games , so i tried to use 8800 gts , or 8600gt . both cards have dual link dvi ports (no single link) the oc key plugs in there , but there is no image on the monitor .
    the 9 pin cable is connected , keyboard is connected into white usb port , but there is still no image on the monitor .
    i googled it , and found shamino's post here

    so i guess it doesnt work with cards that have dual link dvi output port only.

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