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Thread: 38mm pwm fans

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    38mm pwm fans

    I've looked around and these don't seem to exist.

    I've been looking for 120x38mm fans to put on my 212+ in push/pull and all I've found are 3-pins. I was hoping for LED as well, but I don't think any 38mm fans have them.

    Please tell me where I could find them as I'm sure others are looking for them.

    If they don't exist, I'm going to go with Gelid Wing PLs. Quiet, 75.6 cfm, 2.66 mmAq, and they look cool.

    edit: My parent's computer has a 120x38mm intake fan with a 4-pin conector, but it doesn't quite look like pwm.

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    I have found a couple of 4 pin PWM 120MMx38MM fans over here:

    no luck on LED versions

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    Just a suggestion: If you cannot find any 120x38 LED pwm fans, you could just custom paint the fan blades with a UV reactive paint and load a UV cathode in your case. This can look really nice if done right. Everything you need to do this is also available from FrozenCPU. I am thinking of going this route in the future, so I get the glow without all the bright!

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