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    BF3 is my goto MP. I'm sitting at about 550hrs right now, with the same in BF:BC2 and 1300hrs in BF2 before that. I love the BF franchise.

    Looking back I have to say I've enjoyed all the DLC for different reasons. End Game has probably been my favorite apart from Return to Karkand. My least favorite has likely been Armored Kill, which is opposite of what I expected. After Close Quarters I figured AK would be my favorite, but two of the maps were SOO big they became unfocused, the battle too broken up and slow. I got bored, even in 64 player, and gave up on it after completing its assignments. I still enjoy the maps Death Valley and Armored Shield, but the others I've taken a very "meh" view on.

    The return of CTF was welcome, but really I love that you can do about anything in this game. You can hope in a 64 player SDM server on Canals and just rank weapons nonstop for days if you want, and do it in such a way that CoD (a game I've also played a ton of) could never compete with. If that idea doesn't interest you, you can go for the all out war of Assault, infantry action of Rush or hop in a jet and do all the dog-fighting you could ever want in Air Superiority. BF3 has become such a mixed bag there is almost too much to choose from. I don't mind that in one of their games, but I'm hoping it doesn't become an ear mark of all their future games.

    I'm hoping, with BF4 coming so relatively soon after BF3, that it will have its own personality and it will be a bit more focused and refined. I read rumors of a return to Commander mode, three factions and an expansion of water battle (anyone remember being able to move their Carriers in BF1942?). If it retains all the popular BF franchise features, but also introduces a select few new, thought out, polished mechanics, I will be excited once again. Either way, here's looking forward to another excellent BF game.
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