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    Clarkdale coldbug mod for Max III Extreme

    Ok lets start off with the usual disclaimer.

    ***Asus nor myself are not to be held reponsible for damages to your motherboard and or any other hardware etc etc etc. Overclocking and modifications will void your warranty***

    Now that thats out of the way I made a tutorial of modding this particular board.

    Lets start off with where the mod happens. This little chip reads .75X K nominally.
    For the mod we want it to read 0K or basically have continuity between both sides of the chip, which basically means we need to solder across it. I chose a diff route for those that may want a "removable" mod.

    Same chip just a shot from a diff angle.

    Now for those curious this is how you determine which chip is required to mod. Set your mutimeter to test continuity place probe on one of these pins and probe around......I already did this for you however.

    Rather than just bridge the gap of the resistor I soldered a wire to each end and moved them to a remote easily acessible location.

    I soldered both ends to an old fan header I had lying around and used hot glue to fix all wires in place so as to keep them from being disturbed. I double checked to make sure nominal open resistance was still correct.

    The purpose for the fan header makes it easy to turn the mod OFF and ON with just using a spare jumper I had lying around.

    And a final shot of the completed mod.

    Enjoy and i hope some people find this usefull.

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    This is for sure nice! the only thing that suck is that so many people don't know how to weld and will pierce the mobo XD Don;t worry I know how to do it Great work here carry on my friend!!

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    Ask for more!

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    Shortly after making this post a user sent me a pm on another forum asking if the ln2 mode jumper does not already do this without needing a hardmod........the answer is I am not quite sure what the ln2 mode jumper does at a hardware level however leaving mod in OPEN mode and putting jumper in ln2 mode on position does NOT change the resistance value to 0K.

    Once i get a chance to put the board on ln2 I will play with various combinations with both "jumpers" ( the one i added and the ln2 mode ) and let you know my thoughts on it.

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