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    Postcode 70 Gene-Z

    Been trying to push my 2600k to the limits but postcode 70 keeps getting in the way. Dunno if I have reached my cpu's limit or if I am just missing something in the BIOS. On the Asus micro pro I had no problems booting all day everyday with 56 multi and 101.5 BCLK. Gene-Z I am having problems. I get this code on 55 multi with anything above 102 BCLK and at 56 multi with anything above 100 BCLK. Manual says it is PCH DXE SMM initialization is started. I am using DICE for cooling. Dunno if my chip doesn't like so much frozen temps or what either. Thanks and any advice is good advice at this point as I wasted 5 hours the other night on this. Oh and I was on the stock BIOS for this. Dunno if the beta would make this better or not.

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    There are a couple newer bios posted at hwbot.

    Might want to give them a try.
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    Any other suggestions?

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