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    Found a fix

    I've found a workaround to fix this problem (using latest drivers). The problem is just as it says, your language is missing for the ThunderFX software. So either you change your Windows language to English (please don't do this) or you do this:

    1. Download the latest ThunderFX drivers from Asus website.
    2. Extract it to desktop, name it whatever you want, we will delete it later anyway.
    3. Dont run the AsusSetup.exe yet, go to step 4.
    4. Open the extracted folder you just created, and navigate to:
    \extracted thunderFX drivers\WIN7\SoftwareDriver\DLL\CPL\x64\lang
    Please note I am using WIN7 and 64bit here, if you use Windows 8 use WIN8, XP if you use Windows XP. x64 is most common these days.
    5. Right click the en-US folder and copy it. Then right click and press paste.
    6. Now you have a folder named en-US copy, rename it to the language your Windows is running, my Windows is in Swedish so I name it sv-SE. It uses the ISO Language code, here is a list over all language codes:
    7. Done! Go back to the main folder and run AsusSetup.exe (step 3). Let the setup run and let it reboot your PC.

    If you still get the error message you might have renamed it wrong, see step 6.

    Yes I know this will make your ThunderFX program run in English instead of your native language, but if you can follow this guide you understand english

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