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    The power supply is 1050 though is it just possible thats i purchased a dead power supply lol? O_x

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    1. Reflash your BIOS to 0704 using the USB BIOS Flashback feature.
    2. When the reflash is completed, power down your system.
    3. Remove your GPU.
    4. Remove the CMOS battery for 5 minutes then insert it back in.
    5. Install your GPU and power up your system.
    6. Upon power up, enter BIOS and load the optimized defaults and save.
    7. Download and install Driver Sweeper.
    8. Uninstall the NVIDIA drivers.
    9. Reboot into Safe Mode and run Driver Sweeper to remove the NVIDIA driver leftovers.
    10. Reboot back into normal Windows.
    11. Install the latest non beta NVIDIA driver making sure to run it as administrator.
    12. Test your system.

    Report back.

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