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    G74S - Fan, cd drive, and Power indicator problem

    I have had the G74S laptop for over a year and been having multiple problems.

    First, I am having a problem with my cd drive. It worked fine before and didn't have any issues with it. A few months ago I reinstalled windows and formatted my harddrive. After I wiped my drive and reinstalled windows from the recovery partition I noticed my cd drive stopped working. My laptop recognizes there is a cd drive installed and it says no problems in the device manager but refuses to read cds or dvds (no matter what I put in it). When I put a cd/dvd in the drive it spins and sounds like its reading it and it recognizes there is a cd in there and I can open the files on the disc but it wont actually run the disc. It says enter a disc in the drive when I try to run it even though I can open the files on the disc. It's really weird.

    Secondly, recently I have been having a power indictator problem that is very annoying. When it is running on battery it says battery mode with no problems at all. When it is plugged in it keeps flashing battery mode, AC mode, Battery mode, AC mode and so on every few seconds. Its aggravating. I have tried it in several different places and it still does it. The only way to stop it is if i push the AC adapter in the laptop very hard and it stops for a while till I move even slightly it starts doing it again till i push the AC Adapter in hard again. I don't know what is wrong with it.

    Lastly, I have been having a problem with the fan. Sometimes it sounds quiet and normal but sometimes it sounds very unusually loud. Randomly, when its been off for a while and I turn it on it will sound normal but other times it sounds like there is something stuck in the fan but it only lasts for about 5 mins then returns to a normal sound. It is very loud to the point I can't even use it in class because it is to loud.

    Please help! anything would be appreciated right now as I use this laptop in college and I need a reliable and stable system!

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    if you have time, i think you bring to service center to check, it more quick fix your problem, because you are a student.
    also you can fix by youself, but it will spend more time, like disassembly, reinstall BIOS, OS, drivers, utilities.

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    Welcome to the ROG forums!

    1) It sounds like you have a bad or dirty fan for the last issue you mentioned, so if you are still under warranty (or even if you are out of warranty?), you probably want to send it back to ASUS for service.
    Check this link for the ASUS USA contact info.
    You (your store or someone you trust?) may also want to check the fan and heatsinks for dust and try to clean them out (and consider re-applying thermal paste while you are at it?) to see if it helps (it may not if the fan is just bad), but again if you are still under warranty, it's probably better to send it back to ASUS for this.
    It's not a good idea to let this issue linger too long since parts can start overheating on you and going bad if neglected too long, so try to keep an eye on this and take care of it soon.

    2) Your power indicator problem sounds like you might have a DC jack problem unfortunately, if you say pushing in the power jack really hard actually helps although you might want to make sure the AC adapter (wiring and connections) are okay and include it with the notebook if you send it back.
    If the battery is charging, you may notice the battery charge light going on and off too if the connection doesn't change too rapidly.
    This problem will get worse later too if there is a connection problem with the DC jack on the motherboard.

    3) If it makes a difference and you have a bootable DVD (Windows installation disk?), you may want to try to boot to it (without continuing with the installation) just to confirm the DVD-ROM is not working outside of Windows although what you mentioned so far doesn't really sound like a software issue, but you may want to make sure since as you said, it's weird.

    Good luck!

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