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    Spin Cykle

    Intel HD Graphics Driver, Intel Quick Sync - Z68 Pro error message

    Hi all. Posted this over at XS as well but no help there yet. Hopefully someone can help me with a few problems I've been having.

    1. I downloaded the lastest intel graphics drivers and tried to install it. I unzipped the file and it seems there are several folders and setup.exe files. I wasn't sure which to install, but I ran setup.exe file in the initial folder. I'm getting the error "an error occured while registering one or more components. Setup will exit". I ran C:\...\intel_graphics_v815102372_VistaWin7\winvist a7_64\install\setup.exe this morning and got the same message.

    - intel quick sync not functioning properly when decoding or decoding h.264
    - i think there is a error in the driver instal when registering the h.264 .dll
    - is there a way to test and verify intel quick sync functionality besides encoding and decoding h.264 content?

    2. I have the usb 3.0 header plugged in and only one of the USB 3.0 ports is functioning? Any ideas?

    i7 2600k @ 4.8ghz 1.425 vcore (linx 0.6.4 stable 10 passes "all") watercooling
    z68 pro 0651 bios
    8gb ddr3 corrsair vengance 1600 mhz
    silverstone 850w psu
    evga 8800 gtx
    crucial m4 64 GB SSD win 7 64bit boot (intel port)
    500 GB HDD + 250 GB HDD (storage)
    Hot swapable and AHCI enabled all ports

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