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    Asus customer service (Germany)

    Asus customer service sucks. I live in Germany. I bought 2 years ago a G53 notebook. In Summer 2012 the poweroutlet (powerport) in my laptop got broken. I sent it to the Asus Germany Repair center, where I got an email from Asus and an email from Letmerepair. Because I still had a warranty I didn’t had to pay anything for my problem, but since some Buttons of my keyboard didn’t work, it was because of water damages. And that wasn’t covered by the warranty. Because the keyboard had issues I paid it. Then 6 months later the same problem occurred. But this time the Keyboard was perfect. No problem at all with it. I sent it back to Asus. I got an email from Asus Holland instead of Asus Germany. I called the customer service and they told me that my laptop would be repaired in Germany. But still I had to pay Asus Holland. Why? No idea. Then they told me, from a different email, that they have to repair my keyboard because of water damage. Since last time I never drank anything near my computer, it never had water damages. They sent me fotos from a Laptop with water damages. Was it mine? No idea. The new keyboard was 40 euros. The repair for the poweroutlet (powerport) was free because of the warranty. I then paid because I was sure my keyboard wouldn’t work if they didn’t repair it (even though it worked perfectly). Usually it takes around 10 days for them to repair a laptop and send it back. After 2 weeks I and endless emails where I didn’t get any help whatsoever) they told me that they were waiting for a piece of my laptop from Thailand. And, well, nowadays you order something and, doesn’t matter where in the world it is, you can have it in some days. No. Not by Asus. They told me they sent the piece by ship. 1 piece for my laptop… by ship. And it would take more or less 3 weeks to arrive. So, after a long wait and money I spent in something I shouldn’t have because it worked perfectly before, my laptop arrived. I turned it on, and for my surprise some keys of the keyboard didn’t worked like it should do (the backlit keyboard function didn’t really work on the left side of the keyboard). I wrote an email (from which I never got an answer) and called the customer service the next day. They told me I have a 3 month warranty on the laptop repair and it would take no more than 10 days. And I asked them why this time 10 days and last time like 5-6 weeks. And they told me that under warranty it takes no more than 10 days. So… they have spare parts for problems under warranty but when not, they just order them by ship? I told them that I didn’t want to pay anything, that he had to assure me it would be repaired under this 3 month warranty and that I simply don’t want to hear about anything about me paying for the repair. They said I shouldn’t worry and that I wouldn’t pay anything. I sent it. Some days later I got an email got a bill for like 88 euros. I called them and explained them the whole problem from the beginning and they just hung up. Called again and again without getting an answer. Usually when you call them they can tell you right away what the problem is. This time they couldn’t tell me why I had to pay even though they said it was under the 3 month repair warranty. Then they called me back a few hours later and told me it was a software problem and that it was because of me. I explained again the problem and that it functioned perfectly before and when I got it back it wasn’t functioning properly and they kept saying it was a software problem and that the warranty, wait for it, doesn’t cover it. So I asked them why a new keyboard costs like 40 euros and a keyboard software problem costs like 88, why didn’t check if it works fine after installing the new keyboard and what if I simply don’t want to pay. He told me that it is just so, that they do check for software problems but no they don’t really check it and that if I don’t accept to pay I had to pay 80 euros for the “diagnosis”. So, pay 88 for almost nothing, or 80 euros for nothing and the risk that my laptop wouldn’t work because only God knows what they really do with the laptops. So, I paid, and got my laptp a few weeks later. So, was it now working fine? No. Some keys have still the same problem. I’m satisfied with my laptop. It works fine and I like it. But the Asus customer service simple sucks it is the worst service I’ve been in touch with. My girlfriend was thinking of buying an Asus laptopt,, but after this she’ll buy something else. Would I buy another Asus laptop? No. Not because I’m not satisfied with it. I simply hate their customer service. Just because this whole damn story I wouldn’t buy another Asus product. Never.

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