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    Phenomenon (Switch 810 with pedestal)


    About this build log
    I've been a pc enthusiast for just about a year and a half. Building a gaming rig for just a "so-so" experience was only my goal at that time. I've started with an average build using a single average graphics, however as time goes by ; I've got a plague to demand more from my rig; adding an SLI setup was my option at that time. Running games on the highest setting possible with no lag or issue was my next goal , than it turned nasty! I was actually starstruck by how the water cooling world . From there everything just seem blur and here I am making a build log for fun (since I enjoy building this rig so much) with a total of 1080 of rad on my switch with a little modding here and there.

    Whats with the name?
    The theme for my build was actually taken/inspired by how many people hated the CSQ design on the EK Waterblock. I'm not promoting or anything , I've actually used many other water cooling brand in the setup but with this in mind. Probably this build would inspire people to rather than blaming on how bad the design of a product to actually make it work by inserting ideas and solutions into it. I've actually dont mind the CSQ thingy therefore taken a theme from "CROP CIRCLE" which is a phenomena so I've came up with the name "Phenomenon"

    What will be in this build?
    What I can say is that I will use the same components from my lastest build including the case to save cost. What I will do or try to show in this build log is to make this Switch 810 more eye-popping in term of performance and look. I will be using a total of 1020 space of radiator (480+360+240) with the help of DWOOD Pedestal (which I've already received and LOVE it!) since my ultimate goal is to get a 5c Delta on CPU temp. This goal is pretty way up there since it gets pretty hot without air con in Asia

    Most of the components I've chosen are the one that fits in my build color theme. Whats left is that to add a more color fit water cooling components which is already on its way from the USA
    The most difficult hurdle I've got is that I am currently located in an Asia country where to to get the water cooling component is limited and pricy. I've ordered from FrozenCPU but sometimes the shipping cost is not worth if I buy in small quantity therefore Im trying hard to order all at once and if something got left behind I'll see what I can find in my own country
    The build will also use some laser cut to make the pattern which I've drawn on pieces of acrylic

    Main Components:
    CPU : i7 3770k
    Motherboard : Asus Maximus V Formula
    RAM : G.Skill Ripzjaw (4x4GB) 1600mhz
    GPU : 2 x Asus Gtx 670 DC2T
    PSU : Seasonic Platinum 860w
    SSD : OCZ Vertex 4 256GB
    HDD : WD Caviar Black 1TB (externally mounted)
    Sound Card : Asus Xonar Phoebus
    Headphone : Shure SRH1440
    Keyboard : Filco Majestouch 2 with Blue switch awesomeness
    Mouse : Cyborg RAT 9
    Case : NZXT Switch 810 with custom Pedestal
    Fan Controller : NZXT Sentry Mix
    Various RGB LED (with remote) and sleeved cables

    Main water cooling components:
    CPU Block : Ek Supremacy
    Radiators : EK XTX 480, EK XTX 360 and EK XT 240
    Mofset : EK Asus Maximus V formula block
    Pump : Dual DDC Laing with EK Top
    Reservoir : EK Bay Res Acetal and Bitspower 150ml Acrylic Tube res
    GPU Block : EK GTX 670 Asus Block Nickel + Blackplates x 2
    Tubing : 3/8" ID 5/8" OD and 3/8" ID 1/2" OD Primoflex Advanced LRT
    Fittings : Monsoons 3/8" ID 5/8" OD with Bitspower Adapters ; EK 3/8" ID 1/2" OD with EK adapters
    Fans : 15 x Scythe GT-AP15 and 1x Corsair SP140

    Lastly forgive me if there are language issue since English isn't my native
    and let the build begin!

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    The build has actually started a while ago its just that I'm not sure whether to make a build log for it here
    So to keep you guys on date

    January 25th 2013
    A package arrived from EKWB, I've won the cooledpc competition and this will go into the build

    Took a couple of photos with my SLR and my home made/cheap studio (table lamp and white cloth)

    I cut the top cover with a dremel to make a perfect square so that the laser cut acrylic can fit in it. I’ve designed the acrylic so that airflow can still flow well through the system
    This time im using my camera from s3. Due to the nature of my no-life job I've only been able to mod and do some work on the build late at night. Pardon me for the crappy pic

    This is a slice of the sketch

    I've sent the sketch and the panel to a friend of mine who is also a modder since I cant locate any laser cut service in my area
    FYI I live in East Borneo where services like that is either limited in result or none at all
    I'll see how it goes if its not as what I expected and doesnt look good. I might go with other option like mesh or others

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    February 3th 2013
    Another package has arrived and this come from the US

    Inside is...... TADA

    Im planning to get the front panel from DWOOD to be laser cut, still going to draw a trademark logo for the rig

    I've also decided the color for my cable extension
    Currently all my cables are sleeved with black-red-black pattern which I dont think would go well with the upcoming build
    I've asked a friend of mine who is an amazing cable sleever to make an extension for me at a cost (seriously with my job and life, I cant get any sleeve done at all while progressing on other stuff )
    He's also sourcing the laser cut for me in Java

    Planning to get something like this

    And he did it right away, sent me a picture

    AMAZING! love it
    will be in the mail soon

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    February 4th 2013
    OK! Decided to disassemble my rig since the package from frozenCPU just need to be release from local custom
    No more black ops 2 soooo close to diamond SMG


    Draining from drain port

    For those who's wondering this is my current work space, have to do the cutting at the balcony outside else someone will rage out of the dust

    And I cant resist the switch + pedestal combo :drool: sorry if its abit dark, tried to keep the ISO down with no tripod

    Managed to get the fittings cleaned and wash , very disappointed that some of the fitting has some gunk on it and very hard to be removed
    May probably corrosion, can someone help me here? I'm using EK coolant, probably this come from the guy which I bought a second handed fittings from. Gonna have to find a way to clean it

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    February 5th 2013
    Woke early due to thunderstorm, so able to get some work on the rig in the morning
    I've washed all the radiators thoroughly and even rinse it with vinegar water. Learnt that you can’t just use water to clean the gunk from a coolant, washed it with running water for like a good 5 min on the old radiator, after 5 minutes; clear water came out than I add vinegar in it and leave it for an hour or so.
    Came back and have to rinse it again for a good 3 min or so and its allll..... colored water from the coolant....

    Next is the painting of the radiator, since its cloudy I wont get the best result with painting it now. But its all ready to go
    Gonna paint only the top radiator where 360 rad will be in use, I'll have the rest of the radiator hidden either with acrylic or down there at the pedestal, so might as well not paint it white

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    February 6th 2013
    Pretty big update today!
    Received a package from FrozenCPU

    And whats inside ??

    Here are a couple shot of the products I bought

    The fittings:

    To be honest I'm not overly satisfied with the monsoon product, I was kinda shock to find that the build quality isn't as much as what I expected
    moreover I am very disappointed with the packaging, I find no label about the size of the fittings so I dont know right now If I bought the right one
    besides, the packaging is made of soft fabric; with white fittings it leaves a lot of black little fur all over the fittings
    For people who doesn't really check/wash it out and just put straight to the loop, sure this would create some problem
    Lastly with the O-rings, no wonder i've heard alot of people forgot to put on the o-ring and resulted in a leak ; there is no instruction or warning for it what so ever

    enough of that,

    These are just a few of the fans, I've some leftover from my last rig
    funny thing is, ITS MADE IN INDONESIA
    and it cost me that much to send it back from the US to Indonesia :thumbsdow

    Meanwhile, I've made a few progress on the build
    I've ordered some white acrylic for all the cover needs and it will arrive tomorrow with my new jigsaw though I know i'll have problem finding the right saw blade tomorrow

    I've also managed to fully disassembled the case, and working to swap the switch feet to the pedestal

    The painting for the radiator is done!!

    Last but not least I've cleaned the last bit of my old setup which is the CPU block
    After cleaning it thoroughly I'm happy enough that after 7 months of use I find no major gunk or anything in the cpu block by looking at it closely through the plexy
    Might wanna take the cpu block apart and soak it in the lemon , but dont think its necessary since its only been less than a year use with the same coolant all the time

    That's it for now guys

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    February 8th 2013

    Made a few progress, though I'm going slowly with the progress; what I want is for it to be regular though only small per updates


    I've designed a few panel for the pedestal and some logo emblem for the front and will be sending it tomorrow for the laser cut

    I've also drilled some holes for the front mounted radiator today
    Decided to also paint the radiator white since i've extra white paint laying around

    This is how the pump going to be

    Took off the fan controller knob

    After some painting

    I've cut some acrylic for the motherboard back plate, going to cover the whole back side of the build

    Gonna hold the making of 24pins hole, since still not sure how bendable the 24 pin extender

    Thats all for now folks

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    February 11th 2013
    A few updates guys

    Firstly, I have the 240 radiator painted! but to be honest I'm not 100% satisfied with the result
    It’s been raining hard these past few days so the result is pretty dodgy in my opinion
    see for yourself and compare with the first painted rad
    pardon me for a few dirty spot on the fin

    Thx to Jassilamba I was able to prevent the GPU slot problem, Its all done now !

    I've also took a major step to cut down the 5.25" bay so that there will be more space on the inside and doesn't look too crowded once I cover everything is more acrylic! yes more white acrylic
    the acrylic that cover the 5.25" bay will be aligned with the front rad

    The front bay would look like something like this once everything is assembled, just test fitting for now

    Still wondering the best way to route the FC cables to the back, there are few options,
    which are to cut holes for it ; or even cut the acrylic in straight line , aligned with the radiator and the bay itself since it would be covered anyway

    I've also installed an angled aluminium for the psu cover to be screwed on

    Furthermore, there are a few pics on the motherboard since I've put all the blocks on

    Thats all for now ,
    next stop would be the acrylic work and LED lighting

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    February 13th 2013

    A quick update

    My ocd has been kicking in when I saw how messy the cut on the 5.25" cage, I've decided to paint it white

    and the result has been nothing but perfect I have to say for myself

    meanwhile I've also assembled the radiators and fans so that I can get the big picture on how Im gonna layout the acrylic cover
    took me a while to find the right bolts, been hearing a lot of stories where the bolts are too long and damage the radiators
    not gonna happen! not today!

    Going to measure the acrylic the day after tomorrow, else my gf is going to kill me (valentines tomorrow)

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