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    G53 Laptop Keyboard Backlight Problems (Now fixed, thank you all!)

    This message is about an issue that has been solved, and is a thank you to you all. Also, this might help to serve as a guide for anyone with similar issues, and might be a beacon of hope to those who are losing faith in fixing the issue, as I did for a short time.

    I bought my new laptop about two weeks ago, and my backlight worked for about two days.

    After it quit working, I started to do research. Finally, I had fully given up. I cannot for the life of me understand what was specifically wrong.

    In the past three hours, I have uninstalled ATK Package, and re-downloaded the newest version, twice. I have popped my keyboard off and checked to see if the light is properly plugged in.

    I have checked Program Files (x86)/Asus/ATK Package/ATK Hotkey/HControl.exe

    I have read as much as I can on these forums, and on another forum site as well.

    My Backlight lights up on bootup, and as soon as windows fully initializes, the light goes off. The button at the top lights up all my above KB buttons, and my FN key now works again.

    However, nothing would work to turn on my keyboard backlight.

    In my frustration, I decided to take a deep breath, and redo all the steps again. I turned off my laptop, and checked to make sure the ribbon cable was plugged in properly. I followed up by uninstalling and reinstalling the newest ATK Package.

    After that, I finished by running HControl.

    After I restarted my computer, I waited for it to boot up, and waited a few minutes.

    I dreaded this moment. I really did.

    However, I turned on the backlight, and the message popped up on screen "All Lights On."

    A momentary scare, where my keyboard did not light up. I paused and took a deep breath, and tried FN+F4.

    My keyboard backlight works again.

    I wrote this post both as a reference for other users with the same issue, and as a thank you to you all.

    I would really like you all to know that the Asus company makes great computers, and always has. My friends and family are satisfied with all products from them, and I can say for fact I've never had a hardware problem with an Asus product...always software, if there was an issue.

    So, as I enter this forum as a new user, a proud owner of an Asus G53, I thank all of you. Although none of you realized it, you all helped me through quite a crisis. I'm just glad my new baby is in full working order. ^_^

    Shade Soul13

    P.S. I never knew a laptop could make video games this pretty! My friends are very jealous. >.<;

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    Thank you, your post just saved me troubleshooting time.

    Very much appreciated.

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